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Has the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program in Canada been restarted?

Updated: Mar 24

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Globevisa, as a leading global immigration company that started in handling Canadian immigration, has noticed that some industry peer companies are claiming that Quebec immigration will soon be restarted. Globevisa officially launched the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program in 2007, and suspended contract signings for this program in 2020. With over 6000 clients signed, accounting for 26% of the global quota for Quebec Immigrant Investor Program each year, and more than 40% of the market share in China alone. Globevisa has already assisted over 2000 families in obtaining a Canadian maple leaf card, and more than 900 families are still under the regular process. As a senior expert in the Quebec project, Globevisa has been following the latest developments in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program and today has invited the relevant insiders to analyze this restart event for clients who are interested in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

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Project introduction/timeline

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is the only option for high-net-worth business immigrants in Canada to obtain permanent residency through passive investment.

At present, the official website shows that the application is not open and there is no information update indicating that it will reopen on April 1, 2023.

François Mandeville, Managing Partner of the law firm Mandeville & Associates

François Mandeville, Managing Partner of the law firm Mandeville & Associates, senior lawyer in Canada, and member of the Globevisa Advisory Council for Expatriates, stated:

Yes, there are strong rumors to the effect that Quebec will reopen its program in April. No firm has handled more cases than we did: over the past 25 years, we handled well over 20,000 families with QIIP. I hear the program may change a lot, with new requirements. I attended the first meeting with Quebec Government, as a young lawyer then, in 1986, the year the Government launched this program. It is quite incredible that one government immigration program would last this long …well over 30 years. Also, it is interesting to remember that during those years, nobody ever lost any money, the government always had strict requirements to protect the investor’s money. Although no program is perfect, one can say that the Quebec Government always wanted to protect the investor’s capital. After so many years, it is normal there will be changes. I am very eager to see those changes and will be participating for sure as long as the client’s interest is protected.

Globevisa Vancouver Office

Globevisa Vancouver Office Address: Metrotower I suite 738, 4710, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2.

Tina Gu, the head of Globevisa Canada subsidiary, stated: "As the head of Globevisa Canada subsidiary, over the years we have always upheld the corporate vision of Globevisa- to make the world accessible and hassle-free for settlement. We continuously provide local value-added services for new immigrant clients in Canada, including but not limited to settling down, enrolling children in school and other services to assist our new Canadian immigrant clients to better integrate into local life. Our Canadian office has several licensed immigration consultants and we have always kept an eye on Canadian immigration policies. Currently, the official information announced by the government is still the announcement made in March 2021, “Extension of Quebec Immigrant Investor Program until April 1, 2023“, without further new information. We are also keeping an eye on it, once the relaunch is announced, Globevisa will be the first to bring it to the market, and we also provide local support throughout the process in Canada.

Therefore, taking into account the current official information announced by the government and the fact that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has been postponed and suspended multiple times in the past, it is uncertain whether the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will reopen as planned on April 2023. It may be postponed again in the future, and even if it opens on schedule, we are certain that the application conditions and approval standards will change accordingly. Globevisa will regularly monitor the latest information from official government agencies (such as MIFI) to ensure that we receive the most accurate information. Once the government decides to reopen, Globevisa will re-launch this project in the first place.

If you are interested in obtaining a Canadian Maple Leaf Card in one step, the Canadian Innovative Entrepreneur SUV program is currently available for processing normally and only requires an IELTS 5 level of proficiency in English to apply.

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