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Globevisa, established in 2007, is an immigration advice provider based in Singapore that offers services on different immigration programs meticulously selected by Globevisa's expert team. With more than 20 offices dotted around the world, covering major cities in Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania, Globevisa has a truly global perspective and is dedicated to realizing relocation dreams for people worldwide.

Jessica Lam.jpg

Jessica Lam


Mainland China

Changsha - Bella Yan.jpg

Bella Yan

Changsha, CN

Shenyang - Grace Sun.jpg

Grace Sun

Shenyang, CN

Wuxi - Maureen Zhao.jpg

Maureen Zhao

Wuxi, CN

Jinan - Alma Yang.jpg

Alma Yang

Jinan, CN

Suzhou - Jessie He.jpg

Jessie He

Suzhou, CN

Xiamen - Kitty Bian.jpg

Kitty Bian

Xiamen, CN

Chongqing - Jenn Tang.jpg

Jenn Tang

Chongqing, CN

Nanjing - Faith Fei.jpg

Faith Fei

Nanjing, CN

Tianjin - Hellen Zhang.jpg

Helen Zhang

Tianjin, CN

Dalian - Andrea Yang.jpg

Andrea Yang

Dalian, CN

Qingdao - Tansy Wang.jpg

Tansy Wang

Qingdao, CN

Wuhan - Daisy He.jpg

Daisy He

Wuhan, CN

Zhengzhou  - Emily Xu.jpg

Emily Xu

Zhengzhou, CN

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