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Singapore EP

Application Requirements

Throughout years' of dedication to the industry, Globevisa has established our own standard to guarantee high success rate. For Singapore EP application, we boil down the crucial conditions of our successful clients into the following points.

1. For the parent company: this parent company shall be established for at least six years, and the turnover in the past year must be SGD 1,600,000 or above;

2a. For the applicant: he/she shall either be a Shareholder or a Managerial Executive with at least three years of management experience in this eligible parent company.

2b.The applicant must possess a diploma or above as education qualification. If the applicant cannot provide proof of education experience, he/she will have to prove exceptional achievements on investment and business experience.

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Time to permit

4-11 months

Residency requirement

No residency requirement

Visa-free travel

192 countries and regions


No taxation on capital gains or shareholder dividends

Passport rank

2nd in the world

Established time

Program launched in 2004

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Singapore EP

Singapore is one of the most attractive destinations for international talents nowadays. For foreigners to legitimately stay and work in Singapore, the country offers various types of work permits/passes to suit different work force. The complexity of selecting the right type of passes can be an issue to applicants. Thus, Globevisa will assess our clients' overall background to comprehend which work pass suits them most.

Program Benefits

1. Flexible requirement for applicants: The applicant is assessed in a comprehensive manner. This people-oriented approach is reflected in many aspects in Singapore.

2. Low investment threshold: Compared with EntrePass and Global Investor Program, it is more cost-efficient to choose the EP. Globevisa's refund policy is also favorable towards our clients.

3. Fast processing time: It takes as fast as 3 months to apply for the EP.

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