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Permanent Residence Program 

Cyprus Permanent Residence Program

This program enables applicants to obtain Cyprus Permanent Residence directly through purchasing property in the local Cyprus market for at least EUR 300,000. Cyprus PR card is valid for 10 years, and there is no residence requirement for PR renewal. Card holders are only required to visit Cyprus once every 2 years. The program is popular due to its simple requirements and short processing time, which is about 4-6 months only.

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Time to permit

6-8 months

Residency requirement

No residency requirement

Visa-free travel

176 countries and regions


No Worldwide taxation

Passport rank

15th in the world

Established time

Program launched in 2013

Image by George Lemon

Application requirements

To apply for Cyprus Permanent Residence, you need to satisfy following requirements: 

1.Purchase property in Cyprus for at least EUR 300,000.

2. The main applicant should have an annual income of no less than EUR 30,000. For every additional accompanying applicant, an extra EUR 5,000 is required (i.e. EUR 35,000 for the main applicant and the spouse, EUR 40,000 for the couple and a child).

3. Accompanying children should be unmarried full-time students under the age of 25.

Program Benefits

Holders can enjoy the right to live and study in Cyprus.

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