Australia Set to Close Investment Immigration Pathway: Act Now for the Last Opportunities to Secure Your Residency

Australia is making significant moves to reduce the number of immigrants, with the rejection rate for international students reaching a historic high. The post-graaduation work visa for applicants over 35 years old has been directly slashed. As the 2024-2025 fiscal year quota was finally determined amidst a tense countdown, those who have been following Australian immigration were left desperate.

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Meet with Globevisa lawyer: Is Cyprus Planning to Introduce a €250,000 Property Investment Immigration Channel?

Recently, the Cyprus Parliament has been reviewing the 2022 amendment to the “Immigration and Foreign Nationals (Amendment) Regulations,” aimed at introducing an alternative immigration route for economically independent foreign nationals from outside the European Union. By purchasing property in Cyprus worth €250,000 and proving an annual income of at least €40,000, individuals can obtain permanent residency in Cyprus.

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With an EU Maltese Passport in Hand, Shielded by 27 Nations

Recently, the European Union website launched a special page celebrating the 30th anniversary of European Union citizenship. This anniversary serves as a reminder of the importance of the rights that come with the citizenship. Leveraging this special feature, this article will guide you to understand the true significance of attaining EU citizenship. Additionally, this article will delve into a detailed discussion of consular protection within the EU’s jurisdiction.

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