Secure Your US Green Card Faster: Introducing Globevisa’s Exclusive Cape Station EB-5 Project

Recently, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released the submission data for the second quarter of the 2024 fiscal year (January to March 2024). The data indicates that 1,810 families submitted their EB-5 immigration applications during this quarter. Due to the upcoming fee increase in April 2024, applicants worldwide rushed to submit their applications to secure the current lower fees. Consequently, the EB-5 investment immigration market has experienced unprecedented activity.




With the increasing number of applicants, the reserved visa quotas for those exempt from the waiting period are being rapidly consumed. Urban high-unemployment projects have started to experience implicit waiting periods. In contrast, rural projects, with more reserved visa quotas and fewer applicants in the early stages of the new policy, face relatively less pressure for waiting periods. As a result, rural projects are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for families seeking to obtain a green card quickly.


Globevisa remains committed to its responsibility towards applicants, adopting the most prudent approach and the strictest selection standards to choose the highest quality investment projects in the U.S. market. After rigorous screening, Globevisa is proud to launch its exclusive top-tier rural EB-5 project—the Cape Station. This project aims to recruit 80 applicants from around the world.




The Cape geothermal power station is located in Beaver County, Utah, USA, and broke ground in June 2023. Utilizing cutting-edge geothermal energy technology, the project will supply electricity, with its future production capacity already contracted to a power company. The project developer, Fervo Energy, is renowned for having the most advanced extraction technology in the global geothermal energy sector and was named one of “America’s Top Green Tech Companies of 2024” by Time Magazine.


Bill, Jeff and Mark share a common rationale in Clean Energy

The widespread adoption of clean energy is not only a goal for governments and businesses worldwide but also aligns with the trend toward sustainable human development. Geothermal energy, with its high stability, low cost, and high efficiency, is increasingly becoming a “new favorite” in the global clean energy market. This is the rationale behind significant investments in geothermal power plant projects by more than half of the world’s wealthiest individuals, including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Masayoshi Son.




The Cape Station Project, as a rural EB-5 initiative, ensures both green card security and investment safety for investors.

  1. Green Card Assurance: The project is already underway, with 100% of the required EB-5 job creation completed.
  2. Repayment Assurance: Unconditional repayment guarantees are provided for EB-5 loans by project investors Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Masayoshi Son.
  3. Operational Assurance: The project’s future production capacity has been entirely contracted by a power company.
  4. Short-term Investment: This rare rural project offers a short investment period starting at just 3 years.


With over twenty years of professional experience, Globevisa has helped thousands of families achieve their dream of immigrating to the United States. Since the introduction of the new EB-5 policy, Globevisa has become the first choice for hundreds of families planning to obtain U.S. residency, successfully launching and completing the fundraising for several exclusive projects. The current EB-5 market offers numerous projects, but mature projects with clear employment creation data and transparent exit mechanisms are rare. The Cape Station Project, a standout rural EB-5 project, enjoys a 20% reserved green card quota under the new EB-5 policy, which can help applicants reduce waiting times and obtain U.S. green cards more quickly. We welcome all interested investors to inquire and learn more about the project details.


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