Private Investment Company Self-employed EP

Singapore Private Investment Company Self-employed EP


With entrepreneurial, management or investment experience, the applicant can choose to set up a private investment company (PIC) in Singapore with a capital of SGD 2 million and obtain the Self-employed EP. The applicant can apply to become a PR after 2 years.

Time to permit

2-3 months

Visa-free travel

193 countries and regions

Passport rank

1st in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirement


No taxation on capital gains or shareholder dividends

Established time

Program launched in 1992

Application Requirements

1. The applicant possesses entrepreneurial, management or investment experience.
2. The investment principal must be at least SGD 2 million for investment and financial management under the respective registered PIC.
3. The Singapore company’s public account operating capital must be at least SGD 300,000 (preliminary/ first-year salary payment and daily expenses).
4. The applicant must score at least 20 points under the EP COMPASS evaluation system.

  Program Benefits

  1. Lower investment threshold compared to other Singapore investment programs.
  2. Able to exercise the liberty to choose from a diverse range of investment and financial products.
  3. Applicants can include their spouses, children under 21 years old and parents in the application, and the family may obtain Singapore long-term passes together.
  4. No restrictions on investment targets and investment areas, providing the investors with a high degree of flexibility.
  5. Does not require excessive time and energy in initiating or conducting business.
  6. Swift processing time, with the approval of the Self-employed EP typically taking only 2-3 months.
  7. Globevisa’s Limited Offer: Complimentary service for company registration, investment account opening and corporate account opening.