Australia Global Talent Visa – Independent Program


Australia Global Talent Visa – Independent Program

The Global Talent visa is a permanent visa for exceptionally talented and prominent individuals who can enhance Australia’s reputation in their respective field. The program offers a migration pathway for individuals with outstanding achievements, particularly high-earning individuals in future-focused sectors such as: (Resources, Agri-food and AgTech, Energy, Health Industries, Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space, Circular Economy, DigiTech, Infrastructure and Tourism, Financial Services and FinTech, Education).

Time to residency

18-24 months

Visa-free travel

190 countries and areas


Passport rank

5th in the world

Residency requirement

2 years in the last 5 years


Under $18, 200

Established time

Program launched in 2019

Application Requirements

  1. Age: 18-55 years old (which may be relaxed for outstanding international achievements and awards).
  2. Educational level: Bachelor’s degree or above.
  3. Annual salary: AUD 167,500.00 and above (exempted for the Applicant who has received an offer of no less than this annual salary from Australian employer).
  4. Align with Australian target areas.
  5. At least 3 of the following national and international achievements need to be met:

– At least 2 national or international awards.

– At least 2 national or international memberships.

– At least 2 national or international mainstream media interviews.

– At least 2 national or international journals review or competition judging experience.

– At least 5 papers published in national or international academic journals.

– At least 2 applied national or international patents for inventions.

– At least 2 implemented industry or national or international standards.

– At least 2 national or international conference participation experience.

– At least 2 national or international research projects, the total funding amount of USD 690, 000+.

– Hold senior management position in the industry’s well-known enterprises or institutions (located in the company’s organisational structure of three or above).

Program Benefits

  1. This is a permanent visa. It lets you and your family stay in Australia permanently. After a certain time, you might be eligible for Australian citizenship.
  2. No proficiency in English required, no landing required.
  3. Short cycle time, as fast as one and half year to two year to get Australian Green Card.
  4. No proof of assets required, no explanation of source of funds required.
  5. After approval is granted, there are no restrictions on the area of residence/employer, and the applicant can freely change his/her place of residence.