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Wealth Immigration

Relocate worldwide and live in a desired lifestyle


Specializing in citizenship and residency by investment, our team are committed to offer you unique experience. We offer free consultations to evaluate your potential, answer questions you may have, and provide you with valuable recommendations and programs to meet your goals. 

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Global citizens are entitled have various choices in terms of mobility, standard of living, education resources, locations for investment and business operations, and much more. We create a path to this freedom of choice through our programs. 



Our flagship service helps high net worth individuals like entrepreneurs and investors to create customized plans for offshore tax savings and global citizen lifestyle. They work directly with our team to come up with a solution, then execute it with our trusted network.

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Recommended Projects

Globevisa offers a number of projects that apply to residency by investment programs, some of which are exclusive in the market.

About Us

Our flagship services help entrepreneurs and investors create their action plan for offshore tax savings, second citizenship and the global citizen lifestyle.


Our most immersive and bespoke experience, designed for those who expect only the best. Our immigration experts will arrange everything from day one to ensure the seamless experience you’ve earned.


You can consult with experts in person for the most immersive experience, work directly with our team to create a plan, and then execute it with our trusted network.

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Ask Our Consultants Now

1. I have no idea which program suits me best, any recommendations? 

2. I want to know if I am eligible for the program I am interested in. 

3. How long is the residence permit/ID card/visa valid for? Can I renew it?

4. How many family members can I include in my application? 

5.  How long will the application process take? 

6.  What are the differences between the programs? 



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Successful Cases

"Every staff we met was energetic, professional and considerate. I am sure that a company with employees like them will have a bright future."

Client:Mr. Samuels

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