Meeting the Pros


Explore the immigration journeys of clients from around the world, listen to their heartfelt stories, and feel the profound bond they share with Globevisa. These authentic shares are a testament to friendships and trust transcending borders, showcasing Globevisa’s outstanding service and guiding force in the immigration field. Wherever you may be, Globevisa is your trusted partner, working hand in hand to fulfill your immigration dreams.


In this video, Globevisa Group Managing Director Hannah Ma discuss with Slava Apel from Startup Visa Services on the recent changes in the Canada SUV policy.

In this episode, Globevisa Managing Director Hannah Ma interviews Globevisa Turkey in-house lawyer Elif İzgi Uluyüz on the topic Why Evaluation Report should gain more attention in Turkish CBI.

In this video, Globevisa Singapore General Manager, Hannah Ma, made an exclusive interview with the Principal of Singapore Australia International School Mr. Adam.

In this video, Mr. Lim, Head of Academic Strategy of Mind Stretcher, one of the leading educational institutions in Singapore, shares his insight of the characteristics of local education system.

In this video, Globevisa’s Head of International Office Hannah Ma interviews Mr. Sunil, Strategic Partner of Sun Management in Dubai, UAE. They talk about in what ways is Dubai the best place to live and work, how favorable policies are towards international investors and business owners.

In this episode, Hannah Ma, Managing Director of Globevisa Group has an extensive interview with Elena Yrgeneva, a distinguished realtor in Dubai with 27 years of experience. Elena repeatedly stresses the paramount importance of having a professional agent throughout the property acquisition process.

In this video, Hannah Ma, Globevisa Managing Partner from Singapore HQ, invites Mr. Nuno Pereira, Partner of Sixty Degrees Asset Management Company, to talk about the recent product for Portugal Golden Visa.