South Korea

Digital Nomad Visa Program

South Korea Digital Nomad Visa Program

Non-Korean individuals who have worked for a non-Korean company for more than one year and can prove their ability to work remotely, with an annual income of 84.96 million KRW (approximately $62,000), are eligible for a renewable one-year unconditional residence card. They can also apply with their spouse and children under 19 years old. This program does not require a high investment, immigration supervision, local employer, making it an easy and low-cost way to emmigrate to a developed Asian country.

*Based on real-time exchange rates.

Time to permit

1 year

Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions

Passport rank

3rd in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirement


No taxation

Established time

Program launched in 2024

Application Requirements

  • Applicants who are corporate executives, senior managers, or department managers employed by companies outside of South Korea, who can work remotely and have worked in the same industry and for the same company for more than one year, are eligible. This includes the applicant’s family members (spouse and children, with accompanying children under the age of 19).
  • Income requirements: Annual income must be more than twice the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita announced by the Bank of Korea for the previous year. The required annual income is 84.96 million KRW, which is approximately $62,000 after tax income. ※ The GNI for 2022 was 42.48 million KRW.
  • Health insurance: Applicants must purchase individual health insurance with a coverage of at least 100 million KRW ($73,000), which covers medical expenses and repatriation during their stay in South Korea.

Program Benefits

  1. Low application requirements:This program does not require a high investment, immigration supervision, local employer, No academic qualification restrictions. Just need six documents.
  2. Convenient Connecting Travel: Independent ID card, swipe to pass through customs without stamping, ensuring full privacy and identity protection throughout the journey. Incheon Airport directly flights to 53 countries including the USA, at low prices and short travel times.
  3. Fast landing cycle: The whole application period for the Nomad Visa is about 1 month. Applicants and their families can land in the South Korea as soon as possible, start a new life, and enjoy Korean benefits.
  4. Independent ID Card: Green card with foreign passport enables freedom to open accounts overseas. Becoming a Korean tax resident, Information will not be fed back to the domestic country. With a complete set of Korean tax residency enabling overseas account opening.