Alberta Rural Entrepreneur Immigration

Alberta Rural Entrepreneur Immigration

Alberta Rural Entrepreneur Immigration is an economic immigration program.

Entrepreneurs who start a new business or purchase an existing one in a rural Alberta community can apply to become permanent residents.To qualify, they must locate their businesses in communities outside of the Edmonton and Calgary census metropolitan areas, with a population size of less than 100,000.

The Alberta Entrepreneur Immigration program is part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program and follows a two-step process:


1) Apply for an Alberta work visa. (Work visas generally have a validity of 2 to 3 years)

2) Start a business in Alberta for a minimum of 12 months, with a minimum investment of CAD 100,000, and hire a local employee for at least 6 months.

Time to permit

8-9 months to get the work visa

Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions

Passport rank

6th in the world

Residency requirement

Reside in Alberta for a cumulative period of 2 years every 5 consecutive years


Alberta has the lowest tax rates in Canada

Established time

Launched in April 2022

Application Requirements

1.Family net worth: Either the principal applicant or both the applicant and spouse have a net worth of at least CAD 300,000.


2.Business management experience in the last 10 years: 

Shareholding management experience of 3 years or more; or

Senior management experience of 4 years or more.


3.Education: High school diploma or above.


4.Minimum Language Requirement: IELTS CLB4 (Listening 4.5, Reading 3.5, Speaking 4, Writing 4);


5.Entrepreneurship requirements:

Invest at least CAD 100,000 in Alberta remote areas or rural Alberta communities.


Hire at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident as a full-time employee and work no less than six months (business owners and close relatives are not considered full-time employees.)

Program Benefits

1.It supports online business visit, so there is no need to apply for a visa, greatly saving time!


2.Currently there are not many applicants, so there is no need to screen according to scores. As long as the minimum conditions are met, you can be selected!


3.Reasonable application requirements:

a.The asset requirement for applying to the province of Alberta is only CAD 300,000,

b.Only 4 years of management experience are required.

c.High school students may also apply.

d.There is no upper age limit.

e.The minimum investment amount is as low as CAD 100,000.


4.Abundant investment opportunities: As Canada’s most economically developed province, Alberta has thriving forestry, oil and gas industries and has a population of over 4 million people, creating a wealth of investment opportunities.


5.Low cost of living: Alberta’s tax rate is the only province among the four northern

regions of Canada that does not require provincial taxes.