Self-emplyed Visa

UK Self-employed Visa

The applicant’s non-UK company went to the UK to open a subsidiary due to business expansion, and sent the applicant to apply for an expansion worker visa to operate the subsidiary in the UK. The applicant has been operating the company in the UK for more than half a year with the expansion worker visa, and can be converted into a skilled worker visa if the subsidiary met certain operational requirements . The skilled worker visa holder can transfer to permanent residence after working in the UK for 5 years and meeting the residence requirements.


This program  is consist of two programs, expansion worker visa and skilled worker visa.


If the client holding UK long term visa, like student visa, PSW visa (graduate visa), they can set up the UK business directly and to be the 100% shareholder of the business, the client runing the business for more than half year and convert to skilled worker visa.


If the client don’t have long term UK visa, or cannot find a person who is qulified to be the shareholder of UK business, they need to be sent by non-UK company, which means he needs to apply for expansion work visa and convert to skilled worker visa.

Time to citizenship

6 years

Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions

Passport rank

6th in the world

Residency requirement

Arrive at UK every two years


Remittance basis

Established time

Before 1999

Application Requirements

  • Expansion worker visa
  1. The applicant has worked in an overseas (non-UK) company (parent company) for more than one year, or the annual salary reaches 73,900 pounds;
  2. The parent company has been established for three years or more, with an annual turnover of RMB 5 million and a company account balance of RMB 2 million (recommended);
  3. The parent company is willing to set up a subsidiary in the UK and send the applicant to operate the subsidiary in the UK.
  • Skilled worker visa
  1. The applicant has obtained an IELTS G score of 4.0, or has a bachelor’s degree or above in English teaching;
  2. The applicant has received an offer from a UK subsidiary and the salary meets the job requirements;
  3. The UK subsidiary has been operating for at least 6 months;
  4. The UK subsidiary has at least two business transactions per month;
  5. When applying for sponsorship license, the balance of the company account of the UK subsidiary must at least cover the applicant’s salary for the next year, which is expected to be about 40,000 to 50,000 pounds.
  • No criminal record
  • Tuberculosis test

Program Benefits

  1. Low application requirements:No academic qualification restrictions, no management experience requirements, no explanation of funding sources required.
  2. Fast landing cycle: The early application period for the expanded work permit is about 3-4 months. Applicants and their families can land in the UK as soon as possible, start a new life, and enjoy British benefits.
  3. Low requirements for starting a business: There are no restrictions on the location of starting a business or the scope of business. There are no turnover or employee requirements for the company’s business in renewal and permanent residence.