Citizenship by Investment

Egypt Citizenship by Investment

Being located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt is famous for its pleasant climate, friendly people, low crime rate,

Egypt’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program, launched in 2019, providing a simple pathway for eligible investors and their families to obtain Egypt citizenship within a timefame ranging from 6-9 months.

According to Legislation No. 190 of 2019 and Egyptian Prime Ministerial Decree No. 876 of 2023, the government currently offers four investment options, namely real estate investment, investment projects, depositing a specified amount in an Egyptian bank, or paying a non-refundable contribution.

Time to citizenship

6 – 9 months

Visa-free travel

66 countries and regions

Passport rank

77th in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirements


No worldwide taxation or inheritance tax

Established time

Citizenship program launched in 2019

Investment Requirements

1. Provide a certificate of non-criminalization issued by an official body of the applicant’s country. It must be ensured that the applicant is not on the International Wanted List, International Terrorist Organizations List, or International Terrorist Participation List.
2. The applicant must have no history of mental illness and provide a medical report.
3. The money for the project must be transferred from outside Egypt.
4. Children under the age of 21 obtain Egyptian Citizenship By Investment with the main applicant, and their legal spouse(s) 2 years later.

   Program Benefits

  1. Ability to open a bank account.
  2. A cost-effective options which can accepts applicants from all nationalities without exception.
  3. Dual citizenship is permitted, which means that applicants do not have to renounce their original citizenship.
  4. The Egyptian passport qualifies you to apply for an E2 visa to the United States, opening doors for investment in America.