Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment


Vanuatu Development Support Program, also known as Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program, is the fastest and most commonly seen Vanuatu immigration route. Successful applicants will be granted the Vanuatu passport – a Commonwealth passport which enables its holders to enjoy visa-free travel overseas. Obtaining a Vanuatu passport thus facilitating immigration planning, overseas assets management and global traveling.


Time to citizenship

1-1.5 months

Visa-free travel

128 countries and regions

Passport rank

36th in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirements


No worldwide taxation or inheritance tax

Established time

Citizenship program launched in 2015

Investment Requirements

To obtain citizenship in Vanuatu, you you need to satisfy following requirements:

1. A one-off contribution to the Development Support Program (DSP) starting from $80,000.


2. Proof of assets of more than $250,000.

Program Benefits

Being able to include spouses, children, parents and grandparents in the application.

Dual citizenship is accepted.

No requirement on language skills, education background or managerial experience.