Annual Report for Turkish CBI in 2023 –what has happened and what to expect

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program has consistently ranked among the most popular citizenship programs since its inception. As the leading provider of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, Globevisa has not only submitted the initial application and secured the first approval but has also closely monitored every policy change since then.

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Policy changes

Policy Change in Turkish Citizenship by Investment, but not rising price

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program, launched in 2017, has undergone several policy changes in its seven-year existence: – In January 2017, the Turkish government enacted a citizenship-by-investment law, allowing individuals to invest $1 million in real estate, and $3 million in deposits for a three-year term to qualify for citizenship.

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NEWS: Wyndham Azure Waves Βeach Resort Opening Ceremony

ATHENS- On October 23, 2023, during the grand Opening Ceremony of the Wyndham Azure Waves Beach Resort, an exciting collaboration took place. OIKOS Property Developments and Globevisa Group joined forces and signed a remarkable long-term global exclusive agreement. This agreement signifies a significant milestone in the distribution of the project in numerous investors globally. Lynette Ju the General Manager of Globevisa Greece office, George Kyriakou and Dimitris Shiouftas the CEO and CFO of Oikos attended the event as representatives.

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