NEWS: Wyndham Azure Waves Βeach Resort Opening Ceremony

Signing of Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Globevisa Group


 ATHENS- On October 23, 2023, during the grand Opening Ceremony of the Wyndham Azure Waves Beach Resort, an exciting collaboration took place. OIKOS Property Developments and Globevisa Group joined forces and signed a remarkable long-term global exclusive agreement. This agreement signifies a significant milestone in the distribution of the project in numerous investors globally. Lynette Ju the General Manager of Globevisa Greece office, George Kyriakou and Dimitris Shiouftas the CEO and CFO of Oikos attended the event as representatives.

Azure Waves Beach Resort is an exclusive residential project in Halkidiki, offering luxurious resort style residential properties by the beach, under the famous international brand Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.


It is located in one of the most famous tourist destinations in Greece, Halkidiki a highly renowned destination, not only among the Greek population but also globally. The Azure Waves Beach Resort is an eagerly anticipated seaside villa project that is set to transform Halkidiki into the premier destination in Greece. With its grand scale and stunning features, this project is poised to attract visitors from far and wide.

Globevisa Group announced its excitement as the exclusive representative of Azure Waves Beach Resort worldwide and the cooperation with OIKOS Property Developments as well as the Wyndham hotel brand. It’s not the first time that Globevisa Group has cooperated and sold Wyndham Hotel brand projects. Some years ago, Globevisa Group generated sales of the Wyndham Supreme and Wyndham Ramada Hotel projects in Portugal, exceeding 125.16 million euros. Once again join forces with OIKOS Property Developments, the Wyndham brand is back on the sales portfolio of Globevisa Group. This partnership is strongly connected with the Globevisa’s corporate philosophy and international reputation, which perfectly align with the values and vision of OIKOS Property Developments.
George, the CEO of OIKOS Property Developments in Greece, expressed “… a hotel is a fusion of lifestyle and art, and investing in hotels is a complex and meticulous endeavor. We have chosen to entrust our most promising resort project to Globevisa Group because of their customer-centric approach. In the realm of hotel real estate investment, we require a bridge that not only comprehends the aspirations of our investors but also possesses a stellar industry reputation and the ability to effectively communicate with hotel investors. Globevisa Group dedication to prioritizing the needs of their customers perfectly aligns with our culture, making them our only choice.” At the same time, he also emphasized that the hotel’s operation places a strong emphasis on garnering public praise. As a result, the utmost care is taken in selecting the exclusive agency for this project. Global Abroad, being a leader in the global immigration industry, holds a significant position in China, which is the largest market for immigrant exporting. Additionally, it boasts a commendable reputation and exerts considerable influence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe markets. The aim is to introduce this exceptional project to discerning investors and immigrants through Global Abroad, thereby providing an opportunity to showcase the wonders of Greece to the world. This aligns perfectly with the corporate culture of Global Abroad, which strives to enable individuals to explore the world without hindrance, find solace and security, and achieve new heights.Azure Waves Beach Resort is Located in Halkidiki, a famous Greek touristic hotspot known as the “European Maldives”, next to Thessaloniki (the second largest city in Greece) as well as the 500,000-euro relegated area of Greece. Halkidiki attracts not just a large number of tourists, but also catches the attention of investors who opt to purchase property in this region. Many properties in Halkidiki have been sold to very foreigners including people from the Balkan peninsula, Southeastern Europe, Scandinavia (Israel, Germany, USA) and many more.Halkidiki can boast an amazing 550km of coastline, featuring a thousand different beaches, some offering an endless expanse of golden sand, others rocky. Some beaches are crowded -socialising spots, while others are no more than deserted coves among the rocks. All of them though are blessed with crystal clear waters reflecting the deep green of the pine-tree forests. The Blue Flags that Halkidiki is being awarded every year are rightly deserved. Shaped like Poseidon’s trident, Halkidiki’s prongs jut out into the Aegean Sea. Lush green forests extend all the way to the beachfront where reflections of golden sunlight add sparkling hues to turquoise waters. Long stretches of beautiful ever-changing shoreline, unique archaeological sites, world-renowned Christian monuments, lesser-known natural wonders and man-made masterpieces have all helped shape the region’s diverse identity, made even more interesting by the rich local culinary and cultural heritage.Halkidiki is divided into 3 smaller peninsulas, often referred to as “legs”. On this fascinating canvas of blue and green, you will find large hotels built to the highest standards. The far left of these is Kassandra, known for its well-preserved natural beauty and monuments, as well as the various beach bars and nightclubs that dot along the coastline, suitable for all types of travelers. Sithonia, the second peninsula of Halkidiki, is home to the Wyndham Azure Waves Beach Resort. This exceptional location is widely regarded as the finest in the entire region, thanks to its abundance of nearly 100 stunning sandy beaches. These beaches, many of which proudly display the prestigious blue flag designation, boast some of the clearest waters found anywhere in the world. The hotels in Sithonia are predominantly resort-style, offering visitors a heightened level of privacy, security, and ample distance between each establishment. Furthermore, each resort typically features its own exclusive beach, spanning several hundred meters. This combination of luxury amenities and natural beauty makes Sithonia an irresistible destination for discerning, high-end tourists. The third “Leg” in the right is Athos, a closed monastic community that is only accessible to those with special permission.The Wyndham Azure Waves Beach Resort project by OIKOS Property Developments in Greece just fills the gap of Halkidiki’s large-scale luxury resorts in the Sithonia and Athos Bay areas, covering an impressive area of nearly 50,000 square meters, this resort consists of 34 single-family villas, offering a total of 152 individual units and over 250 rooms, providing accommodation for up to 500 guests. The resort prides itself on its extensive amenities, including an independent restaurant, supermarket, swimming pool, gym, and yoga area. Moreover, an astounding 98% of the rooms offer breathtaking sea views, while select units even feature private hot springs, creating an unparalleled attraction for tourists seeking a memorable vacation in Halkidiki. Just imagine the bliss of indulging in a private hot tub while witnessing the stunning sunset over the sea on a scorching summer day – it’s no wonder this has become the top choice for vacationers. According to George Kyriakou, the CEO of OIKOS Property Development in Greece, the goal was to create a resort that offers high-end tourists a more private and secure experience. The main attraction for these tourists is the tranquility that the resort provides. Nowadays, many tourists are seeking to escape noisy and bustling environments and instead, yearn to connect with nature and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the forest and birds. George believes that Azure Waves Beach Resort will be a tremendous success because it meets the criteria of a luxury resort, close to the nature. The design of the hotel adjust perfect with the surrounding environment, embraces the local culture, and offers a pleasant climate. The collaboration between Globevisa Group Greece’s OIKOS Property Developments and the renowned Wyndham Hotel brand is set to create a powerful alliance. Together, they are working on the impressive Wyndham Azure Waves Resort, a project that aims to cater to the needs and desires of global investment immigration customers.



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