Breaking News: Globevisa Welcomes our New African Nigerian Partner God’spower Bassey on Board

Globevisa Group, a leading provider of immigration services with its diverse portfolio spanning over 300 programs across 40+ countries, renowned as the “Amazon of the immigration industry”, is pleased to announce the addition of God’spower Bassey, to our esteemed team on July 8, 2024. This announcement coincides with the official launch of our Africa Nigeria office, located at 6th Floor, Landmark Towers, Victoria Land, Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Africa.


With deep roots and heritage from Cross River, Nigeria, God’spower Bassey, an alumnus of the prestigious Covenant University brings a wealth of innovation and experience, boasting over 10 years in diverse management roles. He is dedicated to introducing residency and citizenship by investment services to the Nigerian market, as well as luxury real estate investments to the country’s young population, including those engaged in oil and gas, financial technology, families, entrepreneurs, and business executives. He offers efficient consultancy services for global mobility, hassle-free lifestyles, lucrative business opportunities, and strategic portfolio diversification across diverse sectors. His ability to establish and maintain strategic partnerships and foster mutually beneficial relationships with top leaders and stakeholders sets him apart and positions him as a beacon lighting the path to sustainable growth in the investment space.


From an early stage in his career, he was exposed to the dynamic world of real estate and the potential and power of real estate investments. He quickly learned that real estate investments can prove to be uniquely useful in attracting smart investors from all around the world. Over the years, he gained and acquired more skills, which he has honed intelligently in order to always add value and contribute positively to the organization’s overall growth and development. His success rate is evident. During his tenure in the banking sector, he was able to drive customer satisfaction and growth by 84%, contributing to a significant increase in the profit margins and portfolio of private accounts. His strategic thinking is evident in his work with the Government of Cross River State. In Nigeria, he was part of the environmental impact assessment MDA responsible for generating over 1.3 billion Naira in revenue (IGR) through the implementation of direct assessment tactics and ensuring major construction operators’ adherence to the RIML standards across all regions in the state. His unwavering drive for progress and optimized investment solutions led him to pursue a career in immigration. Over the years, he has successfully provided immigration and investment advisory services to numerous individuals and families in Nigeria. His expertise in internal control and compliance, operations, business development, client management, and corporate communications makes him a valuable professional in the industry.


Nigeria as a powerful nation, dubbed the “Giant of Africa” due to the staggering population of over 200 million inhabitants and a GDP which ranks as fourth highest in Africa standing at $253 billion.It is worth noting that The estimated 29% of the population comprising high net worth individuals and ultra high net worth individuals represents a significant market potential for the multi-program structure and services offered by Globevisa Group. 


God’spower shared his thoughts on joining Globevisa, stating, “Globevisa is a leading immigration company with an impressive track record of 22 years in business and a strong reputation for providing high-quality citizenship and residency by investment services to 100,000 families. This remarkable achievement is worthy of recognition and presents a valuable opportunity for a successful partnership. This collaboration would prove to be highly beneficial, and the emergence of a global giant like Globevisa Group in the Nigerian market is an extremely exciting prospect that must be fully utilized.”


Warm welcome to our Globevisa team, God’spower. Having the fifth partner on board this year is aligned with our internationalization strategy, especially in Nigeria, Africa, a rising star when considering one of the best markets for our outbound investor migrants. We believe that God’spower’s decade-long experience in the HNWI market in Nigeria and Globevisa’s world-class experience with services will help potential clients to reach their global mobility goals professionally in Nigeria.



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