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Greece Golden Visa raises its investment amount

In order to release burdens for the vulnerable and giving more real estates for native Greeks, "My Home" program containing 21 measures was raised by the president Mitsotakis on 10th September. One of the measures is to increase the golden visa limit from €250,000 to €500,000. The Ministry of Labour announced that the implementation of some of the measures will start immediately, while the price-raise for golden visa will be implemented from 2023.

The property price has been raising in Greece, leading to the result that the middle income group fail to find properties with a price lower than €250,000. Although the country needs investments for real estates, the negative effect on middle class is undesirable. Therefore, the minimum investment amount for Golden Visa has been raised, asking the investors to aim for more expensive constructions. It is worth mentioning that legal certainty is ensured for submitted and pending applications before the new policy is implemented next year.

There is less than 3 months before the price is doubled. Trustworthy developers and professional teams are need to finish up a qualified application. Apply now at Globevisa to catch the last second price before it goes up.

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