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Do you know about Thai properties?

Updated: Mar 24

Thailand is a country with rich culture and history and was once one of the important kingdoms in Southeast Asia. It is home to numerous cultural heritage sites, such as temples, ancient ruins, and historical buildings, with the most famous being the Grand Palace and Sukhothai in Bangkok. Compared to Western countries, real estate prices in Thailand are relatively low, and many foreigners purchase properties in Thailand to get better value for their money.

Hotelscombined in Thailand

Image source: Hotelscombined.

The Thai government has a very friendly policy towards foreign investors, and through various investment immigration programs, they have attracted a large number of foreign investors to invest in Thailand. In addition to many well-known companies choosing to open branches in Thailand, many high net worth individuals also choose to purchase properties in Thailand, including Apple CEO, Timothy Donald Cook. According to media reports, his luxury villa in Thailand is located on Phipe Island, a beautiful resort about 150 kilometers from the center of Bangkok, known for its unique natural landscapes and luxurious villas. Many international celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, etc., have also placed their vacation homes in Thailand.

According to Ivan, a partner at Globevisa with over a decade of experience and understanding of the Thai real estate market, "In recent years, the development of the Thai real estate market has become increasingly mature, with more investment opportunities and products appearing in the market. This has led to more Chinese people starting to look towards Thailand's real estate market. Apartments in Bangkok are the most popular type of property in the Thai real estate market, as Bangkok is the capital and commercial center of Thailand with high potential for development. Moreover, Bangkok is also the political and cultural center of Thailand, with a high quality of life. Therefore, the investment value of Bangkok's apartment projects is very high, not only for stable rental income but also for capital appreciation. However, more and more investors are now turning their attention to Thailand's beach resorts, such as Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. The residential and apartment projects in these areas have also attracted great attention and become a new hotspot for investing in Thai real estate. The real estate market in these areas is also gradually maturing and developing, and their future investment potential cannot be ignored."

Additionally, according to a report by The National Thailand, the highest spenders on Thailand's real estate come from China, the United States, France, Russia, and Cambodia. In the first half of 2022, the top five provinces favored by foreign property buyers were Bangkok, Chonburi, Nonthaburi, Phuket, and Chiang Mai.

As countries become more open towards the COVID-19 pandemic, Globevisa believes that the demand for overseas properties from high net worth individuals will continue to grow. Currently, Globevisa has secured the exclusive rights to sell three top property developer projects in Thailand: FLO by Sansiri, BASE Height-Chiang Mai by Sansiri, and Culture Chula by Ananda. These projects boast excellent locations, quality, and services, and are expected to attract more and more investors.

BASE Height-Chiang Mai by Sansiri

Image source: Sansiri.

Sansiri is one of Thailand's largest real estate developers, established in 1984 with its headquarters located in Bangkok. The company has extensive experience in real estate development, having developed numerous high-end apartments, villas, residential and commercial properties. BASE Height-Chiang Mai is one of Sansiri's upscale apartment projects located in the heart of Chiang Mai, and is one of the most popular residential projects in the area.

Culture Chula by Ananda

Globevisa on-site shooting of Culture Chula Loft

Ananda is another well-known real estate developer in Thailand, founded in 1999 with headquarters also located in Bangkok. The company's projects span across multiple areas, including residential, condominium, and commercial real estate. Culture Chula is another luxury apartment project developed by Ananda, located in the heart of Bangkok and near famous universities, with convenient transportation and lifestyle facilities.

Flo by Sansiri

Image source: Sansiri.

Flo by Sansiri is a high-end apartment brand under Sansiri, specializing in providing luxurious residential experiences for high-end customers. The brand's apartment projects are mainly located in the center of Bangkok, featuring luxury and high-end as its main features, and are very popular among high-end investors. Globevisa is handling Thai Elite Visa and LTR Visa. The Thai Elite Visa is a visa system established by the Thai government to attract foreign talents. Holders of this visa can live and work in Thailand, and enjoy a range of preferential policies and services. This will provide investors with more convenient and high-quality services and guarantees. The LTR Visa is a 10-year long-term residency visa that can be renewed, suitable for applicants who consider Thailand as their second home. Please stay tuned for the package projects that Globevisa will launch, including Thai property and Thai residency visa.

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