My Trip to Vietnam: Impressed by the Booming Market


Since the grand opening of Globevisa Ho Chi Minh City at the beginning of 2023, this marks my third visit to Vietnam. The team is now well-established, and our brand awareness has been effectively cultivated. Upon arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, the initial impression evokes similarities to a second or third-tier capital city in China: bustling traffic, a mixture of tall and small buildings, and the anticipation of the first MRT line nearing completion. The thriving economy has fueled an increased demand for migration business: affluent individuals seek second passports for easier travel, middle-class applicants aspire to relocate to more developed countries for enhanced social benefits and high-quality education, and even the working class is exploring opportunities abroad for better job prospects and the prospect of obtaining long-term residency permits.


Vietnam stands out as an enticing destination, boasting a rich and varied history along with a comparatively low cost of living. This appeal has led to a growing trend among Asian entrepreneurs who are relocating their factories, businesses, and employees to Vietnam in pursuit of lower labor costs, particularly those coming from China. While Vietnam work visas are not currently available through Globevisa Supermarket, we anticipate offering them in the near future. Our Program Development department is actively working on sorting out the details.


The highlight of my business trip to Globevisa International offices is connecting with our talented Globevisa team members and engaging in insightful discussions about their career paths. Among them, Jessica Lam, the Country Head for Vietnam, stands out. With 6 years of experience in the immigration industry, she has facilitated successful resettlements for 50 families across various countries.

Consultants Team


John Nguyen  Chief Senior Consultant: possesses 8 years of extensive experience in immigration, having aided over 100 families in obtaining citizenship, permanent residency, and immigrating.

Danny Nguyen  Business Assistant: has successfully guided 20 customers through settling in Australia and Canada since 2019.

Sy Tran  Sales & Marketing Manager (B2B): brings over 6 years of experience in customer service and networking with exclusive clients, satisfying over a million customers.

Javia Thai – Senior Consultant: offers over 2 years of expertise in immigration. His specialty lies in facilitating clients with programs in the United States and Australia, providing comprehensive guidance through the intricate procedures and requirements of each country.

Marketing team


Jennie Nguyen – Senior Marketing Specialist: Lead of MKT Vietnam team, 8 years of experience in Marketing. Proficient in Social Media, Copywriting, and Mar-tech, leveraging deep data-driven insights.

Steven Thong – Senior Graphic Designer: 14 years of experience in Graphic Design, responsible for designing Key visuals, brochures, social media, newsletters, and other marketing mediums.

Gavi Nguyen – Digital Specialist: 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing – especially in performance. Proficient in using marketing tools such as Facebook ads, Zalo Ads, Google Ads, and SEO.

Product team

Jacky Truong – Product Manager: 3 years in the immigration industry & 6 years in customer service positions. Can speak Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin & English.

Nera Nguyen – Product Executive: 1 year of experience. Takes responsibility for collecting and analyzing data on the economy, house prices, competitors’ projects; Researching detailed information about PR programs and Citizenship programs; Building powerful stories tailored to Vietnamese customer needs in the form of Presentations, Sales Kits, and Teasers (in VNE and ENG).


HR & Administration

Tiffany Le – HR & Administration Manager: 7 years of experience in general affairs – responsible for overseeing all operational activities within a company. Covers management assistance mainly for all activities, handles and supports HR and accounting issues.


Our HCMC office in Vietnam hosted a significant event that drew the attendance of over 50 families. Leveraging Globevisa’s versatile Amazon module, the event proved highly successful, fostering in-depth and professional discussions covering a wide array of programs such as EB5, Portugal residency, US EB3, Greece Golden Visa, and second passports.


With a proven track record of success in China, we are highly confident in replicating our achievements with the establishment of our Vietnam office, aiming to create another success story akin to our endeavors in China.


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