Jessica, General Manager of Globevisa Ho Chi Minh City

According to United Nations data, as of 2021, about 1.8 million people from Vietnam have migrated to other countries. The United States, Australia, and Canada are the most popular destinations for Vietnamese immigrants. The United States is one of the primary destinations for Vietnamese immigrants. According to data from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, as of 2021, there are approximately 1.9 million Vietnamese Americans, accounting for over 10% of the Asian American population in the United States. Australia is also a major destination for Vietnamese immigrants. According to data from the Australian government, as of 2021, there are approximately 200,000 Vietnamese Australians, accounting for 0.8% of the total Australian population. Canada has also attracted a large number of Vietnamese immigrants. According to data from the Canadian government, as of 2021, there are approximately 220,000 Vietnamese Canadians, accounting for 0.6% of the total Canadian population. 


In February 2023, Globevisa formally established its Ho Chi Minh City branch in Vietnam, an important move that solidified the firm’s step towards internationalization. The general manager of the Ho Chi Minh City branch, Jessica, is a charismatic and capable professional who hails from Vietnam and has devoted her talent and passion to this mission. The following is an interview with Jessica, where we can learn about how she decided to join Globevisa and her personal background.

General Manager, Globevisa Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Firm – Jessica Lam

1. Your education background.

As a normal Asian kid educated in the Vietnamese public education system, I decided to apply for and receive professional training in the aviation field after graduating from high school, ultimately becoming a seasoned flight attendant. In order to continually improve my abilities, I work constantly and attend quarterly training sessions to meet the high safety standards and strict training requirements of the aviation industry. In the aviation business, I have held various positions and have become an experienced and skilled aviation professional through practical experience and the accumulation of professional skills. However, the aviation field was only a career choice for a phase of my life. After six years of service, I decided to challenge myself and explore the field of overseas real estate investment, paving the way for a new career development path. Although this transition was filled with challenges and uncertainties, I firmly believed that my courage and determination would support my growth and development in this new field. Through continuous learning and hard work, I have achieved some success and will continue to challenge myself in the future, opening up broader career opportunities.


2. What kind of achievement have you done before coming to Globevisa?

I joined Globevisa after working with a leading international property consultancy in Vietnam since April 2017. I joined the company to focus on revenue generation. Within the 1st month of my probation at that time, I already completed my 3-month KPI. During my time with this international property consultancy, I tried my best to work and contribute to the profits of my company. I once achieved a revenue of over 20 million euro worth of properties, which brought me my “Top Sales Award 2019”. I also received the “Top Sales Award 2022” for remarkable values during post-pandemic periods and also without lots of support from marketing. I got promoted from being an ordinary salesperson in 2017 to Sales Director in 2021.


3. What makes you join Globevisa?

My interview with GV was on December 31, 2022 before the new year. At the end of the interview, Henry (Globevisa CEO) asked me if I had anything concerns. I remember I asked Henry “How do you support your customers when you have so many programs that are considered the same at some point? “At that time Henry replied, “I have no problem with that, what I did was listen to the needs of the customer and then customize a program to suit their pocket and their desires”. From my background, you will know that I have no formal training to be an immigration consultant. The most challenging part of my job is to fully understand my client’s situation, make comprehensive assessments, and give appropriate suggestions. With my trust in GV, I hope I can inspire my staff about the noble mission that we bring to our customers, not simply a plan but a vision for the future dream of their family members. Beside profits, we always put the customers’ rights and the company’s reputation first. These are the things that I believe can make GV go further.

Globevisa Vietnam Ho Chi Minh team

4. How do you feel about setting up a branch in Vietnam?

Establishing a branch is a daunting task that requires facing various challenges. However, I believe that challenges can help people learn and cultivate excellent skills. In this process, I need to handle many tasks, including human resource management, ensuring the company’s financial stability and compliance, conducting market research to establish a brand image, and restarting new processes, among others. I am aware that this requires a significant investment of my time and energy, but I also believe that it is an excellent opportunity to showcase my talent and leadership abilities.

Event organized by Globevisa Vietnam

5. What are your expectations of the Globevisa Vietnam branch?

My goal is to expand the local market for Globevisa’s Vietnam branch within a year and a half. To achieve this, I will establish a strong customer base and build a good company reputation and brand awareness. I will conduct market research and analysis to identify potential customers and competitors in the Vietnamese market. I will also conduct marketing and promotional activities to increase the company’s visibility in the market. In addition, I will continue to build relationships with partners and potential customers and provide customized service solutions for different customer groups based on market demand. Currently, we are organizing roadshows to promote our company’s services and attract more potential customers and partners. My ultimate goal is to establish Globevisa subsidiaries in all major cities in Vietnam, achieving long-term steady growth and expansion for the company in the Vietnamese market. I believe that our team in Ho Chi Minh City can achieve this goal and bring greater success to Globevisa in the Vietnamese market.


Globevisa Ho Chi Minh City will continue to organize a series of informative roadshows on investment immigration consultancy, overseas property placements, cultural adaptation, and more. Should you require further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Globevisa Ho Chi Minh City.


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