Introduction to the team of lawyers working with Globevisa Malta Permanent Residency Program

An attorney is an essential and vital role in filing an immigration application, and is an important aspect that many clients consider when choosing an agent. Globevisa has been in the immigration industry for 16 years and understands the importance of lawyers to every immigrant family, so we are particularly strict in selecting and evaluating the lawyers we work with. Today, we would like to introduce you to the lawyers and the team of Globevisa for the Malta permanent residence program.


Program Background

In August 2015, the Maltese Government launched the Investment Residency Program (MRVP) and in January 2020, the Maltese Government officially announced the renaming of the Malta Investment Residency Program (MRVP) to the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP) with the new policy officially implemented on March 29, 2021. The renamed MPRP has more permanent residence attributes.


Since the opening of the submission channel by the Malta Identity Bureau, a total of 3,581 applications have been received so far, of which Chinese applicants account for 87%. Globevisa is one of the first organizations in the industry to start this program and has accumulated nearly 8 years of experience and has received and submitted a total of 1108 cases so far.


Firm Description

Globevisa’s partner lawyer and team is Frendo Advisory Malta. This is a highly reputable local and international law firm, headquartered in Malta, with over 25 years of experience in the field of legal advice. The firm’s team of experienced lawyers and industry professionals is committed to providing high-quality legal solutions and services to its clients.

The firm was granted a license for its Maltese immigration practice in 2014 with license number 002 and was one of the first law firms to be granted a license for its Maltese immigration practice.


Chairman of the law firm: Dr. Michael Frendo

Dr. Michael Frendo, Chairman of the law firm

Dr. Frendo graduated with a Doctorate in Law from the University of Malta and then went on to obtain a master’s degree in Law, with a specialization in EU law, from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom. He served in the Maltese Parliament for 26 years (1987-2013) and held various positions including former Speaker of the Maltese Parliament (2010-2013) and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta (2004-2008). He is currently Vice-President of the Venice Commission.


Executive Managing Partner: Luke Frendo

Executive Managing Partner: Luke Frendo

After graduating from the University of Malta with a major in Law, he went on to study for a master’s degree in International Business Management at the University of London.


Luke is qualified to practice as a lawyer in the Republic of Malta, having received his warrant in 2014, and has been named for three consecutive years by the Spears 500, a leading publication for high-net-worth individuals worldwide, as one of the “Best in Breed” in the field of “Investment Immigration”. He is the only Maltese lawyer to have been named by the Spears 500.


Luke is responsible for providing professional advice for the Malta project, as well as for guiding the client’s immigration process and representing them throughout the entire process of communication with the immigration authorities.


Other team members: Clare and Kaisa

Other team members: Clare and Kaisa

Both are senior advisors at Frendo Law Firm and have several years of experience in handling Maltese immigration project applications and related matters. They are assisted by other members of the team.


In addition, the firm has three members who specialize in providing services to clients during the immigration application process and landing service in Malta.


The following 21 service specifications detail the services provided by the Globevisa team in conjunction with the Malta law firm team for Maltese immigration applicants.


Globevisa 21 free service details:


I. Application (individual application information and application progress).


– Providing a list of application documents and detailed guidance to client in preparing all documents.


– Providing the service of making appointments for certification by embassies and consulates.


– Providing attorney certification service.


– Providing reference of rental/buying properties.


– Assistance in communicating about renting/buying a property.


– Assistance in purchasing Maltese health insurance.


– Assistance in organizing and submitting investment documents to the Malta Identity Authority.


– Assistance in booking fingerprinting services with the Malta Identity Authority.


II. After approval.


– Providing local education and medical information.


– Providing information on local real estate, driver’s license.


– Providing local employment and residence information.


– Provide local bank account set up information.


– Referral of tax planners and lawyers to assist in consulting on opening a company or tax planning in the local area.


III. First entry (entry fingerprinting).


– Provision of Malta entry visa services for all applicants.


– Provision of one inbound/departure transfer to and from Malta.


– One transfer by vehicle to accompany fingerprinting;


– A private vehicle to accompany the applicant to the lawyer’s office for consultation.


– Provision of a lawyer’s service to collect the residence card for Malta.


(*The above free escort service by private vehicle for the fingerprinting stage, including a five-seater vehicle for a total of three days, meals and accommodation are at the client’s expense)


IV. Annual review services (within the first five years).


– Free assistance with health insurance renewals.


– Free assistance in communicating the renewal of rental properties.


– Free assistance in organizing and submitting the annual review of identity documents to the Malta Identity Authority.


Example reference (original material provided below)


Pictures on the left: Globevisa’s local team accompanied the client to the Malta Identity Office for fingerprinting.

Picture on the right: Globevisa’s local team guides clients through the procedures on site at the Maltese Identity Office.

Malta Identity Office

Globevisa’s local team assisted client’s child get into St. Clare College. On the school opening day, the client sent us some pictures.

St. Clare College

Globevisa’s local team accompanies clients to Malta’s most famous markets, visiting famous landmarks and take them to enjoy the local cuisine.

Malta Market

If you are interested in Malta investment immigration, welcome to consult with Globevisa.


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