Inside Globevisa: The Story of our All-Star Team (2)

What makes Globevisa stand out in the investment immigration industry? Long establishment with thousands of successful cases over the years? International presence of 30+ offices dotted all over the world? Wide range of scope of business? In this series, we will show you the Secret Weapon of Globevisa, and its internal operational departments. Clients may not be familiar with the team behind-the-scene, in fact, they are the ones who support Globevisa’s round-the-clock service. In this episode, meet our Project Research and Development Team, led by Siren Chen


Why does Globevisa need to develop new products? Most companies in the immigration industry still focus on traditional immigration programs, by making a certain amount of investment to secure a residence visa. However, the trend has been obvious that direct investment is getting less popular in dominant immigration countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. They are reshaping their immigration landscape to those favorable to domestic business and society. Put another way, these countries need not only foreign investment but also the talent and innovative technology.


Therefore, immigration authorities in various countries will be more welcoming to applicants who are genuinely going to start their own business in the country, provide new jobs and contribute to their economy. Globevisa replies to the urge to develop more products to cater to this unstoppable trend in immigration. Once the vision is clear, Globevisa’s mission is to lay out our project development strategy.


Globevisa Team at Vietnam
Globevisa Team at Global Citizen Week 2023. Left to right: Hannah Ma, Siren Chen, Henry Fan, Ivan Yam


According to Globevisa Group CEO Henry Fan, the competitiveness of the products always comes first. Potential immigrants may compare different countries and programs, but as he observed, the best product always wins. For the best product, he refers to those immigration programs which give the applicants the greatest scope of freedom at a reasonable cost. Take the European Golden Visa as an example, as an EU country, Portugal may be less popular than Spain, yet with an investment threshold of just Euro 280,000, it beats Spain in the Golden Visa market. Even Greece, which is generally considered less developed in terms of economy, sells better than Spain just because it has a lower price. 


As a respectable immigration firm that has been providing cross-border services for more than a decade, Globevisa commits to providing solutions for all aspects of immigration and relocation needs for our clients around the world. Guided by our corporate mission, Your Gateway to the World, we have been working hard in this field and have been developing the global immigration map and launching more projects in the field of emigration. Globevisa believes clients always come first, we strive to listen to our client’s needs and give them appropriate feedback. More than 300 projects ranging from citizenship by investment programs, entrepreneur immigration route, skilled labor immigration, visa service, company registration, overseas education, personal and corporate bank account opening to immigration status renewal, etc., covering more than 40 countries and regions, forming an all-round product line to provide clients with personalized solutions when going abroad. 


What are the principles that Globevisa adheres to in the process of product development? 


The “Client First” Principle 

As an immigration firm committed to solving the full range of immigration services for its clients, Globevisa always puts itself in the shoes of its clients and considers what other needs can be solved by us. Take bank account opening as an example, Globevisa cannot provide this service alone. However, most of our clients are going to study, work, run a business, or settle down in a new place, which means a local bank account will be essential. For this reason, Globevisa has developed a bank account opening service to address clients’ needs and lessen their burden in document preparation and traveling abroad. 


The “Compliance First” Principle

Throughout the entire project development procedure, Globevisa puts compliance as our first priority. We always adhere to the core concept of “strict risk control management” to protect the interests of all stakeholders, especially our clients. We have four internal and external compliance review processes to guarantee project development compliance from a multi-level, multi-dimensional, and multi-frequency perspective. 


The “Full Involvement in Development” Principle 

Globevisa has made information sharing one of our core corporate principles within the group so that everyone is a part of the development process. As a result, the Project Development Department receives daily information from colleagues, partners, and even clients. The members of the Global Project Development Department collect and summarize the information collected, draft professional immigration policy interpretation reports, immigration demand analysis reports, and immigration market analysis reports, and share them with all employees, thus truly making the development work “accessible to all”.

Globevisa Internal Database, Project Navigation, features all-you-need-to-know about every projects we operate.


What does Globevisa do to prepare for project development? 

Since project development is a long-term endeavor, Globevisa has developed a set of project development standards that outlines the importance of project development and establishes a clear link between new development projects and our strategic goals, in order to emphasize the centrality of project development. Globevisa has developed very detailed development-related standards that govern the details of the development process. In addition, these standards set out truly strict requirements regarding project development, and overall project risk assessment, and regulate project development approvals. We constantly strive to develop new projects that comply with the project development standards. 


Globevisa, which has been in the immigration industry for more than 22 years, initially started its immigration business as an immigration agency focusing on Canadian investment immigration and has provided immigration-related services to tens of thousands of families and individuals. Aiming to bring our clients a full range of services and become a “caring butler” on their way abroad, we will never stop pursuing better and more affordable for our clients.


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