Inside Globevisa: The Story of our All-Star Team (1)

What makes Globevisa stand out in the investment immigration industry? Long establishment with thousands of successful cases over the years? International presence of 30+ offices dotted all over the world? Wide range of scope of business? In this series, we will show you the Secret Weapon of Globevisa, its internal operational departments. Clients may not be familiar with the team behind-the-scene, in fact, they are the ones who support Globevisa’s round-the-clock service. To start with, let’s visit our IT Team – Product R&D Department. Since day one, Globevisa has always been a technology-driven immigration firm.


As a tech-manic, our Co-founder and CEO Henry Fan had a question in mind even before he started the business, how can a person tell if he/she is eligible for immigration? It was a time when the Internet was new and not widely introduced to the public. Immigration consultation relied on limited information or resources controlled by some “insiders.” However, Fan saw the potential of the Internet and thought it’s best that everyone could check for themselves accurate and up-to-date immigration criteria. In order to provide the Yellow Pages in the immigration field, he learned webpage design by himself and created the first version of Globevisa’s official website, which eventually features a dozen of self-assessment forms where people can see directly if they are eligible for different programs.


As business expands, Globevisa pays more attention and takes steps to ensure our clients’ document digitalization and data protection. Long before the Pandemic that brought progress to remote work in 2019, Globevisa has already been working keenly to build a Portable Globevisa. Under Globevisa’s Operation Manual for Program Department, legal assistants are required to scan all clients’ documents and upload to our private Cloud powered by AWS. Every staff member has a unique ID to log into our system. Downloading or editing is strictly controlled and prohibited by all means. Between clients’ privacy and the need for efficiency in turbulent times, we carefully maintain the balance by investing more than ever in our IT system. Clients’ privacy is always at the core.


With different tools to foster our 24/7 instant communication, clients can experience Globevisa’s services both in the pre-sales and after-sales phases. In the early stage of consultation, clients who visit our website will be greeted by our real-time messenger. This is not a common practice in professional consultation industry who gets used to e-mails and long vacation. This is not the case for Globevisa, where treasuring our clients’ time is top priority. What could be better than getting your questions answered with no delay? As Globevisa has offices dotted all over the world, we are aware that it is important to consult someone who understands your language and your culture to make important life planning such as immigration. As a result, our IT team has specifically designed to allocate clients’ consultation according to geographical approximation. Together with more than 250 professional consultants worldwide, our potential clients can always reach out to the person that can really help in accessible distance.


Thanks to our constantly improving infrastructure under the vision of Portable Globevisa, when the Pandemic hit the world in 2019 and kept everyone at home, Globevisa was able to switch to full-scale remote work at the beginning of 2020. People’s longing to be free to travel reached a climax point driving our business to a new level. Now, as countries are recovering from the “lost three years,” Globevisa is ready to sail out to a new adventure, starting from our new firms in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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