Globevisa Welcomes the Head of our United States Los Angeles Office, Jane Cao

Founded in 2002, and headquartered in Singapore, Globevisa Group has established itself as one of the world’s leading immigration consulting firms with 39 offices worldwide, renowned as the “Amazon of the immigration industry” with serving over 300 programs across 40+ countries. We are thrilled to welcome Jane Cao as the head to join our esteemed team on 11 June 2024.  This announcement coincides with the official launch of our USA Los Angeles office, located at 1143 Paloma Dr, Arcadia, Los Angeles, CA 91007.

Our new head, Ms. Jane Cao is a Chinese American who grew up and lives in the great Los Angeles area. She graduated from California State University Los Angeles with double majors in Finance and Accounting. Jane began her career in Banking and has been privileged to work with and service high-end clients especially those new immigrants for over 20 years. During her tenure at JP Morgan Chase, Jane was among the top 10 national achievers in the United States. She was also a top financial relationship manager at CTBC Bank USA, where she assisted thousands of families in achieving their financial goals and helped them navigate the complexities of their new immigration life in the United States. Jane is a self-motivated learner who strives to continuously improve her skills and deliver exceptional value to her clients and the wider community. She is pleased to see her clients’ capital numbers appreciate while their risk factors depreciate.

Jane is dedicated to consistently delivering value to high-end clients in the USA and beyond. She also expressed her perspective on joining Globevisa, “Hard work brings good fortune. I am very pleased to have met and gotten to know Globevisa, the world’s largest immigration firm, which has wonderful leaders who established Globevisa group in 2002, who have their unique insights to make the company’s beautiful footprints, who special design the attractive blueprints and who have fun with best people in their career. I am very honored to join this great company as the representative for our great Los Angeles and get the chance to work with everyone else in different regions, who have achieved remarkable success. I also believe that we will enrich each other’s lives as taught by CEO Henry.”

CEO Henry Fan expresses his enthusiasm and insights into the USA market, stating, ” At Globevisa, the EB-5 program swiftly rose to become Globevisa’s top program by 2023 since the relaunch in December 2022. The new launch of the Los Angeles office marks a pivotal moment to extend our services for EB5 and other USA programs such as EB1A, NIW, etc. Meanwhile, the establishment of the Los Angeles consulting firm also meets the immigration needs of locals as an outbound market. Jane’s wealth of finance experience and commitment, coupled with our worldwide immigration programs, will undoubtedly serve potential clients to achieve their global mobility dreams.”

Join us in celebrating this new beginning, shared successes, and the bright future for Globevisa Los Angeles Office. Welcome aboard, Jane Cao! Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!


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