Globevisa welcomes Francisco Vale as Portugal Country Head

Lisbon, Portugal, June 23, 2023–Globevisa Group, one of the largest investment immigration service providers, just made a great move to enhance our influence and root our global presence. Today we would like to make an announcement that Francisco Vale joined Globevisa as Portugal country head.


Since the Portuguese government published the news to close the Golden Visa program on February 16th of this year, Portugal was always in an uncertain stage in terms of immigration policy. But when others view this period as a risk, Globevisa thinks it is an opportunity. On June 20th, Portugal government submitted a proposal only to remove two options of the program: purchasing a property and bank deposit option. And five investment options will still be available: creation of 5 or 10 jobs, scientific research, culture inheritance, and venture capital investment.


At the same time, considering other Portugal visa types: like D7 for retirees and nomad working visa for freelancers and work-from-home specialists, we still have strong confidence in the country to attract high net-worth investors and specialists. That is why Globevisa was seeking an immense talent to explore and build up the inbounding market of Portugal and Mr. Francisco came into our sight with his brilliant and shining resume. Francisco graduated in Business Management from Universidade Católica Portuguesa in 2009 and started his career as a financial analyst in Corporate Finance and M&A.


Francisco and his team at Globevisa Portugal


In 2010 he moved to asset management, investment & servicing in the biggest Portuguese group at the time, Domusvenda, working together with international investors such as Credit Suisse, Apollo, Jupiter Finance, and the major Portuguese banks, with a total under management of € 5.000 Million.


Later in 2015, he was invited to be the general manager of a family office specializing in non-performing loans and real estate, where he successfully managed over € 300 M investments with a 30% return, being simultaneously responsible for the IT set-up and licensing of an in house developed SaaS to one of the biggest “bad banks”.


In 2021 Francisco Vale joined Monarque Funds as Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operations Officer, with 2 private equity funds successfully launched and fully subscribed with more than € 100 Million investments under management, both qualifiable for residency permit by venture capital fund investment under the Portuguese Golden Visa (ARI).


After 18 months he went on to manage and develop activities in multiple real estate companies under PG Group dedicated to commercial / hospitality investment and renovation, eligible for the same program under the real estate option, with four hotels and more than 450 rooms under management.


“It seems like a perfect match between Globevisa and my own experience.” Said Mr. Francisco, “Both of us are very confident to combine my local knowledge and Globevisa’s international client database and forty countries’ immigration programs and make Portugal office a pivoting milestone of our development.”


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