Globevisa Senior Lawyer Promotion Announcement – September 2023

Globevisa Group is thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Lisa Silva, to Senior Lawyer in Portugal Office. With an impressive track record in the investment immigration field, Lisa’s professional and leadership will continue scale up the immigration success of Globevisa Group, our people, and our clients.


Lisa Silva, with her master’s degree at the University of Law in Lisbon, Portugal and a Post-Graduation at University of Law in Coimbra, Portugal, has been providing expert legal advice for more than ten years in the realms of Immigration, Real Estate, Corporate and others. Lisa has dealt extensively with clients around the world, including Europe, America, Canada, North Africa, the Middle East, and China.


Congratulations, Lisa! We are excited to see your career growth in our dedicated Portugal legal team and in the future sharing talks and activities, on foresighted immigration insights for the best strategy and deliverables to clients.

Lawyer Promotion Poster


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