Globevisa CEO encourages industry practitioners, “Open more doors, or widen up smaller doors.”

Screen capture from IMI.

Globevisa Group CEO, Henry Fan, was interviewed by IMI Daily on his perspective on recent turmoil in the industry. As one of the three Long-Timer interviewees, Fan and his partner founded Globevisa in 2007, sudden halt of policy is nothing new to them. In fact, handling of such chaotic scenario turns out to be the most precious experiences Globevisa has gained throughout the years.


Fan mentioned Globevisa’s long-term strategy to continuously perform stably meanwhile exploring new options, either by opening new doors or widening up smaller doors. This also contributes to the Group’s secret recipe in making itself the world’s largest investment migration firm by client volume. As highlighted in the interview, Globevisa has been operating about 150 projects at the same time on a regular basis, which is a crucial tactic to play safe in an industry that is full of uncertainties.


The tightening up of investment immigration policies among popular countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom demonstrates how vulnerable industry practitioners could be to bet solely on a single country or even immigration route. For Globevisa, there has always been both pull factors and push factors to operate more and more projects. On the one hand, large client volume creates large demand for all sorts of services, ranging from hosting services, education and career planning, property purchase and leasing, financial planning and so on. On the other hand, abrupt changes of immigration policies also imply the indispensable need a Plan B, C or even Plan D. It is human nature to travel and live freely, a demand that will never cease. What immigration agency like us should do is to explore every possible way to help clients pursue their dream.


In face of the European version of “Darkest Hour” during the last few weeks, Fan told readers that he believed the future of immigration industry lied elsewhere. “We’ve been investing heavily to increase our international presence, especially in South-east Asia, by opening new offices and actively setting up ventures. From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City, from Dubai to Istanbul, let alone our long standing office in Vancouver, London, Athens and Lisbon. We are seeking new opportunities in Mumbai and hopefully to launch a new office soon. Personally, I have visited all our offices and I really enjoy my trips, I see the potential with the optimal vibe and energetic attitude people share. It will be our next stage.”


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