Globevisa and Top US Law Firm Forge Profound Collaboration

As the demand for US immigration continues to soar, Globevisa, aiming to provide enhanced services to its contracted clients, has established a profound collaboration with Darren Silver & Associates, LLP, a leading US immigration law firm. Together, they will

provide exceptional support to high-caliber individuals applying for the US EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa and the US NIW High-Tech Visa.


Darren Silver & Associates is a well-established law firm with over 25 years of experience, specializing in the field of US immigration. They have been offering legal services to applicants from various countries worldwide, having served over 10,000

families to date. The firm’s expertise lies in US employment-based immigration, including the EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa, NIW High-Tech Visa, and EB-5 Investment Visa. Founder and attorney Darren Silver has been consistently recognized as a Super Lawyer by the US Super Lawyers magazine for eight years, anaccolade reserved for highly distinguished attorneys in the United States. Furthermore, Darren Silver has been named one of the top immigration lawyers in the United States by Immigration Magazine. 


Notably, prior to establishing Darren Silver & Associates, Attorney Darren Silver served as a former immigration officer at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). He possesses unique expertise in areas such as the EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa and the NIW High-Tech Visa, derived from his tenure at USCIS. Leveraging his experience as a former immigration officer, he can provide valuable insights to assist applicants in successfully navigating the US immigration process.


Co-founder Attorney Darren Silver sends his warmest congratulations on the occasion of the profound collaboration between

Globevisa and Darren Silver & Associates.





Hi Globevisa team. My name is Darren Silver. I’m the founding partner of the law firm of Darren Silver & Associates, LLP. We are a full service United States immigration law firm. We were established over 25 years ago and have filed well over 10,000 individual cases over the years. Our law firm specializes in business immigration. We have own many awards and have been recognized in our field for the thousands of approvals. We have garnished for our clients. This is in the area of EB5, EB1A extraordinary ability and the EB2 national interest wavier. I began my personal career working for the immigration department many many years ago where I assisted in developing some of the rules and regulations that are still in play today. While I do appreciate the many honors and awards that I have received as an immigration attorney. I take the most pride in seeing my individual clients receive their green cards. Our law firm prize ourselves with integrity, honesty and our ability to communicate with our clients and the applicants. We feel honored that we are continuously rated as one of the top US immigration law firms in the country, where we have been selected by well regarded publications such as EB5 Investor Magazine, Super Lawyers and The State Bar of California immigration specialization program. We look forward to working with you and representing you through your green card journey. 



The USCIS has released the latest visa bulletin for May, with the priority date for EB1A Outstanding Talent category being February 1, 2022, and the priority date for NIW High-Tech category being June 8, 2019.

Globevisa has successfully obtained approvals for four families in May this month, specifically two cases of EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa and two cases of NIW High-Tech Visa. One of the EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa clients, who is the chairman of a technology company involved in patent and software development, received approval within just three working days. Another NIW High-Tech Visa client, who is a chief physician at a hospital with a postdoctoral degree and a brief study exchange experience in the United States, obtained approval within five working days.

The expedited processing for EB1A Outstanding Talent Visa provides results within 15 working days, while the expedited processing for NIW High-Tech Visa provides results within 45 days of submission. Globevisa’s success rate for the US High-Tech Visa program exceeds 94%. Based on the approvals of these four cases and the latest visa bulletin, Globevisa advises prospective applicants to apply early, submit their applications promptly, opt for expedited processing, and obtain a green card quickly to avoid longer waiting times and secure permanent residency in the United States.


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