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As a high-quality enterprise with over a decade of cross-border service experience, Globevisa has been committed to providing accessible and worry-free settlement solutions for global elites. As the company continues to grow and expand, the scale of its global offices is also increasing. To enhance the development opportunities for outstanding professionals within the group and promote the growth of overseas businesses, Globevisa provides opportunities for them to work in offices around the world. At the same time, the company deeply understands and practices local immigration policies and methods, ensuring that every step of the immigration process is properly controlled and of high quality.

Globevisa Singapore:36 Robinson Rd, #09-05 City House, Singapore 068877

Globevisa Singapore:36 Robinson Rd, #09-05 City House, Singapore 068877


In this article, allow us to introduce Ms. Hannah Ma, an exceptional manager and senior employee at Globevisa. Ms. Ma holds the position of General Manager at the company’s Singapore headquarters, where she has made significant contributions to the company’s business growth and development. Ms. Ma is renowned for her exceptional leadership skills and business acumen, which have established a benchmark for management excellence and corporate culture at Globevisa. Her customer-centric approach and commitment to optimizing operational processes have elevated the company’s service standards and operational efficiency. In addition, Ms. Ma’s proactive exploration of innovative business models and expansion opportunities has laid a solid foundation for the company’s long-term growth and success. As an elite in the workplace with a wealth of experience, she is a valuable asset to Globevisa’s management team. 


Since joining Globevisa in 2008, Ms. Hannah Ma has been an integral and indispensable core employee of the company. As a graduate of the esteemed Renmin University of China, she initially resided in Beijing, but with the company’s ongoing expansion and growth, her work location was subsequently relocated to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and other areas. During this time, Ms. Ma’s career and personal growth have undergone significant development and advancement. However, in pursuit of better serving the company and its clients, as well as providing her child with enhanced international education opportunities, she eventually chose Singapore as her place of settlement, injecting fresh vitality and impetus into Globevisa’s business growth and expansion efforts in Southeast Asia.


In Singapore, Hannah’s daughter has had the opportunity to make many friends from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Singapore is a highly acclaimed nation renowned globally for its cutting-edge education system and affluent cultural milieu. Within this context, students are exposed to avant-garde pedagogical paradigms and innovative education technology, which augment their academic proficiency and comprehensive skill set. Furthermore, Singapore is characterized by its cultural heterogeneity and multifariousness, boasting a unique cultural heritage that affords the opportunity for individuals to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, ultimately enriching their knowledge and humanistic values. As a professional elite, Hannah recognizes the importance of living and working on the international stage. 

Through her experience living and working in multiple cities and countries, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills on adapting to different cultures and work styles, as well as established a broad network of contacts and partnerships. As an acclaimed manager and leader, she has made remarkable contributions to the development of Global Education in Singapore, particularly in driving the company’s internationalization strategy. Her pivotal role in successfully establishing subsidiaries in Dubai, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam and beyond represents not only the company’s strategic expansion and globalization, but also demonstrates Globevisa’s strength and leadership. Hannah and her family have all gotten permanent residency in Singapore and have adjusted to life there, considering it their home. 

When asked why she chose to settle down in Singapore, Hannah said, “For work, Singapore is becoming more recognized as a financial center in Asia, it’s close to China, and it’s a bilingual society with a strong Chinese culture (with lots of great Chinese food!). Plus, Singapore’s immigration policies are pretty friendly, making it a popular destination for Chinese immigrants. For my family, what I like most about Singapore is how safe it is. When my daughter came here at 6 years old, she could go downstairs and play with her friends without me worrying about her. Now that she’s 9 and a half, I feel comfortable with her taking the subway or bus by herself.” 

Globevisa currently offers various programs including the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EP), Singapore Entrepreneurial (ENT), Singapore Higher Education, and Singapore Family Office program, providing you with more suitable options. Our diverse team of professional lawyers and management will be your fortress, ensuring that your identity, assets, and education receive the best protection. Whatever your needs may be, we will provide you with the best solutions.


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