Entrepreneurship and Motherhood: Chinese Mom Finds Peace With Her Daughter in Malta

Malta, situated at a strategically vital location in the center of the Mediterranean, has long attracted people to settle here. Its baroque-style architecture showcases its illustrious history and magnificent scenery. Renowned as a haven for English learning in Europe due to its authentic English environment, Malta also consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in Europe, thanks to its excellent security measures.


With the assistance of Globevisa, numerous applicants from around the world have become permanent residents of Malta. Among them is Mrs. Tan Yan from China, along with her daughter.



Why relocate abroad?

“I fully support my child’s growth, and I hope to provide her with new choices.”

Mrs. Tan coming from Hainan Province, China, has a daughter attending a local private school. As her daughter grows older, Mrs. Tan has observed a significant increase in her academic workload, often resulting in late-night study sessions. To keep up with the competition, weekends are spent attending supplementary classes, leaving no time rest. Consequently, Her once lively daughter has become increasingly introverted. Determined to provide her child with a chance to experience a joyful childhood once again, Mrs. Tan has made the decision to relocate abroad with her daughter.


Why Malta?

Mrs. Tan is a successful female entrepreneur with business ventures spanning across the globe. Reflecting on her previous visits to Europe, she was particularly drawn to the cultural ambiance and lifestyle of the region. Among the countries she encountered, Malta left a profound impression. By a stroke of luck, Mrs. Tan came across a former client of Globevisa sharing their story of immigrating to Malta on social media. This sparked the idea of settling in Malta for her.

“Everyone speaks English in this country, and the golden sunshine and blue sea make me feel incredibly relaxed,” reminisced Mrs. Tan, recalling her first trip to Malta years ago.



Starting a new life in Malta

In the summer of 2023, Mrs. Tan and her daughter steped on on their journey to settle in Malta. Prior to their departure, Globevisa’s Malta hospitality team had arranged their accommodation, ensuring a smooth transition upon arrival. Upon landing, they settled into their new home, completed necessary procedures such as registering biometrics, and received assistance from the local team in applying to schools.



“In Malta, it’s just as safe at night as it is during the day. You can even take a stroll on the streets late at night, which is something you wouldn’t dare to do in many other countries.”


Nowadays, Mrs. Tan’s life in Malta has settled into a comfortable rhythm. Her daughter attends a public school without the pressure of excessive coursework, allowing her to dedicate most of her time to exploring interests and engaging with the world.

“They’re totally chill, no stressing over the small stuff. Life here is all about freedom. They’re always off on trips around Europe with their families at the drop of a hat,” Mrs. Tan remarks about the Maltese people.


Family resettlement has always been at the core of Malta’s permanent residency program. Increasingly favored by family-oriented applicants, Malta offers a stable social environment and pleasant climate. With its warm and welcoming populace, Malta stands as an ideal destination for both living and working.


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