Embracing Global Horizons: A Warm Welcome to Our New Partner, Jeetu Gursahani, from Mumbai, India, Joining the Globevisa Family

With a footprint spanning 39 offices worldwide, serving clients from over 100 countries or regions, Globevisa stands as a beacon in the realm of relocation services, running over 300 programs across major cities in Asia, Americas, Europe, and Oceania. Our unwavering commitment to realizing relocation dreams is underlined by a robust international expansion strategy. On February 16th, 2024, we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest partner from Mumbai, India, Jeetu Gursahani. Our Mumbai office is situated at Souvenir, B-19, 15th Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050, India.


Hailing from Mumbai, India, Jeetu Gursahani brings a wealth of experience, boasting over 25 years in diverse management roles. His mission is clear – to provide comprehensive Residency & Citizenship by investment solutions to affluent families, entrepreneurs, and business executives, offering consultancy services for global mobility, enhanced lifestyles, business opportunities, and strategic portfolio diversification. His strategic initiatives and effective marketing campaigns consistently contribute to heightened brand awareness and substantial business growth.


In his past role as the Associate Director India of a prominent investment migration entity, he played a pivotal role in establishing a strong presence in the country, creating brand awareness, and leading the Investment Migration Business. Prior to this, he co-founded a Residency & Citizenship by investment firm and spearheaded the Investment Migration Business and successfully expanded into new markets. His profound expertise encompasses in-depth knowledge of Investment Migration programs across multiple countries.His expertise in operations, business development, client management, and strategic marketing makes him a versatile professional in the industry.


In terms of statistics, India’s GDP is projected to double to $7.5 trillion with a growth rate of 6.2% in 2024. The high-net-worth individual (HNI) segment is poised for a 107% expansion to 1.65 million individuals by 2027, indicating significant opportunities for global mobility and economic growth.


Jeetu expressed his perspective to join Globevisa, ” Partnering with Globevisa, the world’s largest immigration firm serving more than 10,000 families yearly, is a great opportunity. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to unlocking India’s growth and offering a clear path to global opportunities. As I explore India’s Residency & Citizenship by Investment (RCBI) market, the impressive numbers related to Globevisa become a crucial part of our partnership.


Globevisa, with 39 global offices and a team exceeding 800 staff, showcases extensive two-decade-long experience that solidifies their expertise. This strategic partnership empowers me to efficiently leverage Globevisa’s strong brand, expansive network, and dedicated team to meet the growing demand in the Indian market.


Moreover, the synergy between Globevisa’s mission and my own vision is remarkable. With an array of approximately 300 global program choices, Globevisa serves as a facilitator, empowering individuals to achieve their diverse objectives, be it global mobility, strategic portfolio diversification, or finding the most suitable country for an enhanced lifestyle, all in accordance with each client’s individual needs and aspirations. This seamless alignment strengthens my mission of providing comprehensive Residency & Citizenship by investment solutions tailored to clients’ specific objectives.


Globevisa’s numerous success stories from clients worldwide serve as powerful testimonials. I am excited to use these stories to build confidence among Indian clients, showcasing the tangible benefits of RCBI programs.


In essence, this partnership, backed by Globevisa’s impressive numbers and our shared vision, goes beyond mere residency/citizenship processing; it’s about making dreams happen, supported by a global network of satisfied clients.”


As welcomed by Henry, Globevisa CEO: “I have strong confidence that your expertise and local insights will be instrumental in navigating the intricacies of the market in Mumbai, India. The synergy between Globevisa and you are built on a foundation of shared values and goals. Together, we aim to set new benchmarks and extend top-notch service coverage in Mumbai, India.”


Once again, a sincere welcome to our esteemed partner from Mumbai, India. The possibilities are vast, and we are excited about the journey that lies ahead – a journey marked by shared success, innovation, and the realization of relocation dreams on a global scale.


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