Breaking News: Manoj Dalal Joins Globevisa Group as a Partner


Globevisa Group, often hailed as the “Amazon of the immigration world,” boasts a diverse portfolio comprising over 300 immigration programs spanning more than 40 countries. We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Manoj Dalal as a partner, with the effective date set for October 19, 2023. In addition, we are delighted to announce the opening of our Kolkata Office, located at PS Arcadia, 9th Floor, 4A Camac Street (Above Tanishq Showroom), Kolkata – 700016, West Bengal, India. This marks a pivotal moment in our mission to extend our services and meet the unique needs of our clients in India and beyond.


Our new partner, Mr. Manoj Dalal, besides being a Toastmaster and a TEDx gateway Speaker, has an experience of more than one and a half decade as a CEO of M Global – an immigration advisory company, as the Country Head (India) of a Dubai based global immigration company and as a Vice President (Strategy) of a 2 Billion Dollar Public Limited Company, which required him to travel globally for business development/expansion, liaisons and office setups.


A person with a lot of self-belief and a go-getter, he truly believes in a saying that says: “Life’s battles do not always go to the stronger or the faster person. But sooner or later, the person who wins, is the person, who thinks he/she/they can”.

He always had a dream which has now become a reality to help people migrate and settle legally in Europe (WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS ON PORTUGAL) or in the LAND OF DREAMS “USA” or getting them a citizenship of the Caribbean or help them make a real estate investment in Greece, so that they could enjoy a good lifestyle, save on taxes, get quality education for their children, have access to better healthcare facilities and travel visa-free to hundreds of countries.


He believes in the theory of KARMA and feels that he is blessed to have got introduced to Mrs. Hannah Ma and Mr. Henry Fan who shall act as amazing mentors and help sharpen his existing skills to reach greater heights. With a platform as large as GLOBEVISA GROUP, the world becomes a stage and performing on it shall be a pleasure.


CEO Henry remarked, “At Globevisa, we believe that great partnerships are the foundation of success. Mr. Dalal’s remarkable expertise and dedication to the field of immigration and visa services perfectly align with our vision. We’re thrilled to have him join our global family. His wealth of experience and industry knowledge will undoubtedly elevate our services to new heights. “


Join us in celebrating this exciting journey as we set new standards in immigration services with Manoj Dalal as our valued partner. Welcome, Manoj Dalal, to the Globevisa family – together, we’re poised for a future filled with possibilities and accomplishments.


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