Henry’s Insights on IM Yearbook 2024: What is the Long-Term Future of the Immigration Consulting Industry?

Thanks Investment Migration Council for inviting Henry to share his insight on immigration consulting industry future. Henry elaborates on the crucial shifts that guarantee reliability and achievement in the ever-changing realm of immigration services. This is an essential read for those in the industry who are striving for enduring prosperity.


The world of immigration is like a constantly spinning wheel. Take the Caribbean CBI or the Portugal Golden Visa program, for instance—they exemplify the rapid changes that can reshape the industry overnight. In such a dynamic landscape, the ability to react swiftly is paramount.


With over two decades of experience in this field, I have learned to navigate the turbulent waters of policy changes. But here’s what keeps me up at night: How can we maintain our clients’ trust and ensure their immigration journeys remain smooth? How can we become more competitive in the immigration consulting industry?


I want to share insights from the immigration consulting industry, exploring the long-term future that awaits us in this dynamic world. Together, let’s delve into strategies and approaches that will help us thrive amidst the constant shifts.


B2B or B2C: The Path to Long-Term Success

I am aware that many immigration companies are venturing into B2B operations these days. However, when it comes to ensuring the long-term growth of a company, what do you believe should take precedence: B2B or B2C? Personally, I firmly believe that B2C should be the primary focus.


The reason is simple: the B2C model allows us to have a direct line of communication with our clients. It empowers us to listen to our clients’ needs and craft immigration solutions tailored specifically for them. In an environment where immigration policies undergo frequent changes, the B2C model enables us to promptly relay the latest policy updates to our clients, providing them with peace of mind. Moreover, in the event clients have new needs along the way, we are also well-equipped to offer them tailored solutions promptly.


Since B2C is of paramount importance, my suggestion is to open offices in outbound countries where local individuals aspire to acquire another country’s residency, such as China, Vietnam, India, and more. These offices should host dedicated teams of professional immigration consultants, committed to delivering personalized, face-to-face immigration solutions to your clients.


Only by building on the foundation of the B2C model can we genuinely meet our clients’ expectations, cultivate enduring client relationships, deliver sustainable value, and establish a robust and trustworthy brand in the immigration consulting industry.


Creating Value through Program Diversity

In a sea of immigration consulting firms, what sets you apart? Besides your professionalism, what unique value do you bring to the table?



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