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Being the premier global immigration consulting firm, we embarked on our journey in 2007 with a focus on the Canada Quebec/Federal Investor Program. However, we have since expanded our services to encompass business and investment immigration for 40 different countries. Throughout our history, the most sought-after destinations have consistently been the renowned “major countries” such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Nevertheless, the eligibility criteria for these major countries have gradually become more stringent or even eliminated. Unexpectedly, a new contender has emerged in the spotlight: the EU golden visa. This underdog option has now taken center stage, marking a significant shift in the landscape.


Out of all the EU golden visa programs available, Greece undeniably shines as a rising star. Requiring a minimum investment of 250 EUR and imposing minimal to no residency prerequisites, it offers a direct path to EU citizenship and boasts swift processing times. The allure of Greece extends beyond these practicalities; its warm climate, Mediterranean way of life, stunning sea views, and captivating Greek mythology have captured the attention of not only investors, but also retirees, travelers, and entrepreneurs worldwide. In response to this thriving market, the Globevisa Executive Committee has taken the decision to establish a proficient local team in Greece. This team will be dedicated to identifying prime properties, delivering top-notch hosting services, and offering expert legal guidance. Lynette, our Head of Operations in Greece, brings with her over a decade of experience in international trade. She was drawn to Globevisa’s grand vision in Greece: to stand as the foremost immigration service provider and to be a steadfast, lifelong companion to clients residing in Greece. Lynette became a part of the Globevisa team in 2022, and in a mere year and a half, she accomplished the formation of a dedicated team. This team comprises three lawyers, two hosting specialists fluent in both Chinese and English, and a local Greek professional serving as the program development manager.


Our inaugural in-house lawyer, Bridget Rose Talphezian, completed her Bachelor of Laws in the United Kingdom and holds registrations with both the Cyprus Bar Association and the Athens Bar Association. Brought up in Athens within a multicultural, multilingual family, she possesses a profound comprehension of diverse viewpoints and excels at communicating with individuals from all walks of life. Her self-identification as a global citizen is a point of pride. With professional experience in Cyprus and Greece, Bridget nurtures a specific passion for immigration law and business matters. Chrysa Velopoulou, our second in-house Greek lawyer, has been a member of the Piraeus Bar Association since 2017. She earned a Master’s Degree from the Department of Law and Economics at Athens University of Economic and Business, in addition to completing her Law Studies at Democritus University of Thrace. Her legal career spans various fields, notably specializing in financial consulting, real estate, and immigration law. Notably, she recently served as a legal advisor to the Greek Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, a solution-oriented mindset, and substantial expertise in immigration law and project management, Chrysa is a highly motivated attorney with a consistent track record of success.


Maria Fotakopoulou is a Greek attorney who was admitted to the Athens Bar Association in 2020. After completing her Bachelor of Laws, she pursued further studies and obtained an LL.M. in Financial Regulation from the Law School of Athens. She is experienced in dealing cases of various fields of law, including financial law, administrative law and real estate law as well, since she has worked as legal counselor to the largest Greek companies. She demonstrates quantitative reasoning and fair judgment, characteristics that help her to consult and guide each client, providing comprehensive legal solutions on a case by case basis. The establishment of our Greece local team signifies a great achievement in Globevisa’s global footprint, holding a pivotal role in attaining the remarkable milestone of securing contracts with over 80 families from more than 10 countries in July 2023. This impressive performance has garnered recognition, leading to the Globevisa CEO Henry being acknowledged as one of the most accomplished figures in the Greece golden visa sector.


However, while some may perceive this accomplishment as a success in itself, we view it as merely the outset of our journey. With the trust vested in us by numerous clients, we are steadfastly committed to continuing the refinement of our team, dedicated to providing exceptional hosting, legal, and support services that truly satisfy the needs of all our clients.


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