Globevisa Grand Opening in Dubai, UAE

On September 14, 2023, in Dubai, UAE, Globevisa proudly declared the grand opening of our new venture. This exciting expansion comes on the heels of our successful partnerships in Turkey and Vietnam, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey alongside our esteemed partner, Irina Kush.

Irina Kush, Partner, and General Manager of Globevisa Dubai office
Irina Kush, Partner, and General Manager of Globevisa Dubai office

Irina is Russian origin, completed her bachelor’s degree at Moscow University and went on to earn her Master’s degree in marketing and communication in San Diego, California. She is multilingual, proficient in Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and English. Her professional journey has taken her to various countries, where she has held management positions. Additionally, she is a successful entrepreneur with businesses in Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, and Moscow. In 2006, Irina made the move to Dubai, where she became involved in investment and real estate ventures. Then, in 2014, she discovered another fascinating industry closely aligned with her business expertise: Citizenship by Investment. Since 2014, she has built a thriving career in this field, serving clients from diverse corners of the world, including Russians, Lebanese, Iranians, Syrians, and Indians.



Globevisa Dubai team is a diverse group of individuals representing various nationalities. Head of our processing team is Gulfiia, a Linguistics University graduate fluent in Turkish, Arabic, English, and Russian. Our development team boasts proficiency in Spanish, Russian, English, and French. We’ve also onboarded salespeople who are fluent in Chinese, as we have plans to tap into the growing Chinese market in Dubai, where a significant Chinese community has emerged. Our marketing team hails from England, and we have high hopes for a successful future with their expertise. However, we believe that our processing team is the backbone of our strength in this market. All our processing personnel are based in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Despite the time zone differences, we have confidence in their hardworking abilities, which we believe will undoubtedly lead us to great success.


In response to the question of why she chose to partner with Globevisa, Irina stated, “First and foremost, Globevisa is one of the oldest and largest players in the immigration industry. They have a remarkable track record of success and boast a global presence with multinational offices across the world, totaling 38 offices. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and their outstanding team are highly impressive. I saw this as an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate with Globevisa as intermediaries, establish our presence in a new market, and achieve great success.”


When it comes to the future of the Globevisa Dubai office, we’re well aware that the global landscape is undergoing significant transformations. Our industry, particularly the second citizenship sector, has experienced notable changes recently. In terms of client focus, Russian clients used to be a primary market for us. However, today, our offerings for Russian clients have expanded beyond Citizenship by Investment (CBI) to include options like the Thailand Elite visa, Korean Investor Visa, Singapore Employment Pass, and Greece Golden Visa. In addition to our Russian clientele, we’re actively engaged with Arabic countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and even several African nations. We’re even considering the possibility of opening an office in Africa as part of our expansion plans. The vision for the Globevisa Dubai office is straightforward. 


We aim to replicate the success we’ve achieved in other markets, such as Asia. Our goal is to become the leading immigration firm in this region. Beyond merely being the largest, we aspire to be the most trusted and knowledgeable experts our clients can depend on. To achieve this, we will offer a diverse portfolio of products to cater to the unique goals of each client, whether it pertains to their future or their family’s. Furthermore, we plan to expand our team and establish additional office locations within this region as part of our future growth strategy.



From left to right: Irina Kush, Hannah Ma, Henry Fan
From left to right: Irina Kush, Hannah Ma, Henry Fan

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