Globevisa Explores Spanish Real Estate Market and Latest Immigration Policies

Since the implementation of the Spanish Investor Visa Act in 2013, Globevisa has assisted over a thousand families in successfully applying for the Spanish Investor Visa over the past decade. With recent frequent changes in European investment immigration policies, there have been discussions about the potential cancellation of the Golden Visa program in Spain. In this critical period, the Director of Globevisa’s Spanish Investment Program visited Spain in person to conduct in-depth interviews with Mr. Gabriel, a senior Spanish lawyer with 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. Mr. Gabriel is the former Vice President of the Barcelona Real Estate Association and a senior member of the association. The purpose of the interviews was to gain detailed insights into the dynamics of immigration policies, policy trends, and the latest real estate market information. Based on these interviews, Globevisa conducted visits to various local developers, comprehensively evaluating different real estate projects to find the most suitable high-quality properties for Globevisa clients.


Part 1: Interview with Spanish Lawyer 

During the visit, Globevisa conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Gabriel, the Spanish lawyer, to further understand the latest immigration policies. In the interview, Mr. Gabriel mentioned that the proposal to cancel the Spanish Golden Visa was rejected initially due to lack of support from other political parties. The proposal has been brought up again in May to gather support for the upcoming general elections later this year. In his opinion, the underlying logic of the claim that the Golden Visa linked to properties worth over 500,000 euros has led to a rise in housing prices is not valid, as most real estate transactions in Spain do not exceed this threshold.


However, as one of the EU countries with investment immigration policies, Spain still faces pressure from the EU, considering that other EU countries have tightened their investment immigration policies. The process from proposal to voting and implementation requires a long journey, and different political parties have varying views on investment immigration policies. Therefore, the general elections at the end of the year are highly anticipated. Before that, it is still feasible for applicants to go through the entire process of purchasing a property and obtaining the Golden Visa within 4-6 months.


Part 2: Real Estate Exploration 

As a leading firm in the immigration industry and a global brand for overseas migration, Globevisa strictly ensures the quality of projects. In this visit, the focus was on exploring high-quality properties from established developers. These developers have decades of experience and a solid reputation in the local market. They have significant advantages in terms of location selection, construction quality, and delivery standards. Additionally, the properties developed by local developers target both domestic and international markets, ensuring price transparency and consistency. Globevisa Spanish program department undergoes rigorous screening and only recommends premium properties to its clients. La Llave de Oro A local Barcelona developer with a history of 78 years, employing over 250 staff members. They have developed more than 300 projects, totaling approximately 16,000 apartments, across the Catalonia region and Mallorca. Their developments are known for high construction standards and the use of high-quality materials, making them highly sought after by buyers from both domestic and international markets.


Alting Group A local Barcelona developer with a 45-year history, dedicated to developing and managing exclusive residences and luxury apartments in prime locations in Barcelona and Madrid. Their projects prioritize quality over quantity, with meticulous craftsmanship, often selling more than half of the units shortly after release.


During the visit, Globevisa summarized the advantages of the explored properties for reference:

● Developer prices align with official websites, ensuring transparency without any price premiums.

● The transfer of newly constructed properties is more controllable, allowing for quick adaptation to immigration policies and avoiding the risk of unfinished projects.

● The properties showcase European craftsmanship from inside to outside, ensuring quality assurance.

● The developers select prime locations with excellent surrounding facilities and convenient transportation.


Globevisa, with its international presence, offering local reception teams and legal services proficient in both English, Spanish and other languages, provides services to clients worldwide. With a track record of successful cases, Globevisa’s Spanish team accompanies clients throughout the entire process, from property selection and purchase to obtaining the Golden Visa, providing professional and reliable services. Globevisa, your gateway to the world!


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