Globevisa Executives Attended Investment Migration Forum 2024 in Dubai

2024 Investment Migration Forum Live

The Investment Migration Forum 2024 stands as a prominent event within the immigration industry, held in the central precincts of Dubai from April 16th to 19th, spanning a duration of four days. It has extended invitations to representatives from enterprises in the immigration sector, as well as officials from immigration bureaus. Notably, among the attendees are immigration bureau officials from Caribbean nations offering citizenship by investment programs, including Antigua, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Dominica, and Saint Kitts.


Organized by the Investment Migration Council (IMC), the event brings together leading experts from the realms of investment migration and citizenship. It serves as a forum for key stakeholders within the immigration industry to convene and engage in discussions pertaining to its evolution. IMC’s membership encompasses a diverse array of entities within the immigration sector, including leading enterprises, specialized law firms, banks, accounting firms, and various other pertinent organizations.


CEO Henry Fan, Executive Director Hannah Ma, and Global Project Development Director Siren Chen from Globevisa, along with Irina Kush, General Manager of Globevisa Dubai, were among the distinguished attendees at this annual flagship event hosted by IMC — The Investment Migration Forum 2024.


At the event, Henry delivered an inspiring speech, outlining the firm’s steadfast commitment to a diversified program development strategy. He shared compelling insights into Globevisa’s extensive portfolio of projects and presented remarkable client data, highlighting the firm’s achievements.


Most importantly, he articulated Globevisa’s ambitious global goal: to serve one million clients in twenty years. This aspiration translates to transforming the lives of one million families, or rather, impacting the trajectories of five million individuals, thus contributing to the greater advancement of the immigration industry.

At the event, Globevisa’s Managing Director, Hannah Ma, recounted the inspiring story of the firm’s founders and highlighted Globevisa’s integrated global service model, boasting nearly 40 offices worldwide, over 800 employees, and a diverse selection of more than 300 projects from over 40 countries. She also elaborated on the successes achieved by Globevisa International, citing the operational and developmental prospects of Globevisa’s Dubai and Istanbul firms. Furthermore, she issued a call to action for more international talents to join Globevisa, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to growth and expansion.

Irina Kush, Globevisa’s Partner and General Manager of Dubai, along with the professional immigration team based in Dubai, diligently prepared for the event well in advance. They ensured that ample preparations were made to provide attendees with Globevisa’s promotional materials, including brochures. Additionally, they arranged dedicated meeting spaces near the forum venue, inviting participants to engage in meaningful discussions with Globevisa representatives.

Hannah Ma, Managing Director, and Irina Kush, Partner and General Manager of Globevisa Dubai


In addition, Irina Kush conducted on-site interviews with Sherelyn Hughes Thomas, Deputy Director of the Antigua Immigration Bureau, and Karline Purcell, Deputy Director of the Grenada Immigration Bureau. They respectively provided insights into the immigration processes, national characteristics, and project advantages of Antigua and Grenada.


Irina Kush and Deputy Director Sherelyn Hughes Thomas of the Antigua Immigration Bureau


Irina Kush and Deputy Director Karline Purcell of the Grenada Immigration Bureau


By participating in the Investment Migration Forum 2024, Globevisa not only showcased its industry prowess but also gained new momentum for future development. Globevisa remains committed to its mission of facilitating seamless settlement and worry-free living worldwide, providing high-quality immigration services to clients globally, and helping more individuals realize their immigration dreams.


Moreover, Globevisa will actively embrace the trend of globalization, continuously expanding its presence in international markets, and contributing further to the development of the global immigration industry.