Permanent Residency

Singapore Permanent Residency

Applicants who has been holding Singapore work visas such as Employment Pass, EntrePass, Tech.Pass or Personalised Employment Pass for 2 years or ONEPASS for 1 year are eligible to apply to be permanent residents of Singapore. Their family members who have been holding Dependant’s Passes for the same period may apply together.

Time to residency

6 to 15months

Visa-free travel

193 countries and regions

Passport rank

1st in the world

Residency requirement

A cumulative residence of at least 3 months during the year of PR application is highly recommended.


Enjoy a more favorable ABSD rates (property stamp duty) than that of foreigners, which is 5% for the first residential property, 25% for the second, and 30% for the third and subsequent residential property.

Established time

Program launched in 1959


Application Requirements

The application requirements for permanent residence vary depending on the visa one holds during application.

However, regardless of the visa one is holding, the considerations are primarily focused on local community engagement, including personal tax statements, work experiences, company operations, clean criminal records, duration of residence, etc.


For a comprehensive evaluation tailored to your specific circumstances, please reach out to us.

Program Benefits

Benefit from favorable tax regimes such as a starkly lower stamp duty when purchasing properties.

Children who are permanent residents can enjoy the priority when enrolling in government schools, which is only second to Singapore citizens.

Permanent residents have the flexibility to change employment freely and hold directorship positions in companies.

Permanent residents are eligible to access Central Provident Fund (CPF) benefits and have the option to apply for Singaporean citizenship after holding their residency status for a minimum of 2 years.