PEP Pass


Singapore PEP Pass

PEP work pass was introduced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in 2015, and only 20 to 40 passes are issued every year. On August 2022, MOM announced its latest policy in 2023, sounding the horn to attract global talents and making PEP one of its implementation focus. Holders of PEP are recognised as the top 10% of current employment pass holders, granting them higher credibilities and improving reputations.

Time to residency

2 to 3 months

Visa-free travel

193 countries and regions

Passport rank

1st in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirement


No taxation on capital gains or shareholder dividends

Established time

Program launched in 2022


Application Requirements

Overseas applicants need to earn a fixed monthly salary of SGD 22,500 in the six months prior to the application;
Current Singapore EP holders intending to convert to PEP must have a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD 22,500 before applying.

Other application conditions:
· Document requirements: individual tax bill matching salary payment, monthly payslip and personal bank statement showing salary payment.
· The PEP has a validity of only 3 years and cannot be renewed. You’ll need to apply for another Singapore long-term visa 3 months before the expiry date.
· PEP holders are not allowed to start businesses or engage in any entrepreneurial business and can only work for local companies. 

In addition, you are NOT ELIGIBLE for PEP if you are any of the followings:
· a holder of EP under the subsidy scheme;
· a freelancer or wanting to work as a freelancer;
· a sole proprietor, partner or director and shareholder of a company registered with the Commerce and Industry Board of Singapore; or
· a reporter, editor, assistant editor or producer.

         Program Benefits

PEP holders enjoy greater employment flexibility and can work in any industry in Singapore, except for industries that require a license, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, architecture, law, etc.

PEP holders are not required to apply for a new pass when they start or leave a job. They only need to notify MOM.

PEP holders can stay in Singapore for a maximum of six consecutive months without employment while looking for a new job.

After the PEP is approved, the main applicant can apply for Dependent Pass (DP) for legally married spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old, and LTVP for parents.

Since 1 September 2023, the fixed monthly salary requirement of PEP applicants was raised to SGD 22,500, and MOM has made it clear that this will be the symbol of the top 10% of foreign elite talents in Singapore.

PEP has a validity of up to 3 years, and you may start your PR application while holding the pass with a relatively high success rate.