Pallas Residence

Pallas Residence

The Pallas Residences are peaceful residential district in Athens situated to the southeast of Mount Egaleo and falling within the 250K policy zone. This area is highly sought after in the rental market due to its convenient transportation links, providing quick access to the city center while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

As the Greek government demarcated regions with rising property prices and those without, they purposefully created a few intermediary zones. This decision expanded the options available to Golden Visa investors. These areas are well-connected and do not require a substantial investment beyond the €250,000 threshold. Residents in these non-price-increasing areas can access all the benefits of the city center.

Since 2018, the housing market in Athens has maintained stability, but there was a noticeable uptick of 8-13% in prices between the second quarter of 2022 and the second quarter of 2023. However, following the policy change on August 1st, the investment threshold for the northern, central, and southern regions has been increased to €500,000. Consequently, areas neighboring the zones with rising prices are anticipated to become attractive investment hubs, and it is projected that property values will experience significant growth. The Pallas Residences, situated in the heart of Athens and thoughtfully chosen by Globalvisa, offers an opportunity for customers to invest in this stable and highly livable region, unaffected by inflationary pressures.

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Hold to renew the residence permit


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Number of units

13 units in the first phrase. 25 units in total.


Patroklou 105, Ilion 131 22