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Lorenzo Hsu

I am Lorenzo, the best spokesperson in Madrid, Spain. After graduating from the National University of La Plata in Argentina, I chose to move to this beautiful country Spain. I plunged into the real estate market in Madrid and came to live in this vibrant city, a pleasant place to live. It is an ideal place for investment, restart of life and work for live with your family. I stayed here and live here. I also strongly recommend all my Chinese friends to start new chapter of your life in Madrid which has awesome landscape, fresh air, plenty of sunshine, a very friendly environment for Chinese people, and a community without racial tension. We are member of European Union, and we have developed, weahlthy and powerful countries in our neighborhood. Solid infrastructure allows you to live in a paradise-like environment. I can give you the most detailed and real answers to all your questions; if you are seeking dreams, I can help make your dreams come true. I am proficient in Chinese, Spanish and English. I can always get the latest and fastest information to provide you with a unique perspective and make the most correct decision. Madrid is getting ready for another glorious growth, and I’m here waiting for you!