Japan Business Manager Visa

Japan Business Manager Visa

 Specifically offer this service to business investor who have extensive company operation and management experience. Globevisa provides clients with professional service from business registration to visa application. Visa is renewable and holder may apply for citizenship at the 5th year, permanent status at 10 year mark.

Time to residency

5-6 months


Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions


Passport rank

3rd in the world

Residency requirement

Minimum 6 months per year


   Remittance basis of taxation

Established time

Program launched in 2006

 Application Requirements

To apply for a business manager visa in Japan, you need to fulfill following requirements:​

1. The applicant should have at least 3 years’ experience in business management or operations proven by related documents, and have at least the same salary (or more) than a Japanese national for a comparable job.

2. The applicant needs to set up a company in Japan, with an eligible physical office. All relevant licenses of operating business nature must be acquired.

3. The applicant should have 5 million YEN (around 38,000 USD) as your company’s capital (applicant with no valid JP residence visa must apply for bank account with a local legal person. Local legal person can hold little to no share of the company and may withdraw after visa approval.

4. Run the business  legally, and be able to provide proof of business activities.

5. The applicant should age between 22-60 years old. (However, it’s possible to assist the applicant at age between 61-63 years old if they have outstanding performance on the Resume).

Program Benefits

1. As fast as 1 year to apply for the permanent residency in Japan.

2. Pathway to emigrate to Japan of cost effectivity and high successful rate.

3. Spouse and children can apply with the main applicant the same time.

4. Lenient requirements to apply easily.

5. Ability to choose any city in Japan to live in as per the applicant’s preference.