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Jane Cao

Jane Cao is a Chinese American who grew up and resides in Los Angeles. She graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, with double majors in Finance and Accounting. Jane began her career in banking and has dedicated over 20 years to serving high-end clients, particularly new immigrants, by addressing their financial and overall needs. Throughout her banking career, Jane has achieved significant recognition, including ranking among the top 10 national achievers in the United States with JP Morgan Chase and being named the top financial relationship manager with CTBC Bank USA. She has helped thousands of families achieve their financial goals and facilitated a smoother transition to life in the United States for new immigrants. Jane is committed to continuous learning and self-improvement, always striving to deliver exceptional value to her clients and others. She takes great satisfaction in witnessing the growth of her clients’ capital while mitigating risk factors.


Jane Cao attributes her success to hard work and expresses her pleasure in joining Globevisa, the world’s largest immigration firm. These leaders have created a distinguished legacy, innovative blueprints, and a collaborative work environment. Jane is honored to represent Greater Los Angeles and looks forward to contributing to the company’s success and enriching the lives of her colleagues.