United States

EB-3 Visa

United States EB-3 Visa

The EB-3 visa is the third preference of the U.S. employment-based immigrant visa. EB3 visa has three sub-categories: skilled workers, professionals, and other workers (also known as unskilled workers or EW3).

A skilled worker is someone whose job requires at least 2 years of training or experience; and a professional is someone with a U.S. bachelor’s degree or a foreign equivalent. No relevant working experiences are required to be considered an EW3.

Time to permit

3.5-4 years

Visa-free travel

186 countries and regions

Passport rank

7th in the world

Residency requirement

No residency requirements


Tax system in USA

Established time

Program launched in 1990

Application Requirements

  1. Aged between 18-50 years old.

  2. Education qualification between a high school degree and a bachelor’s degree.

  3. Able to converse in basic English. (No language test needed)

  4. Clean criminal record.

  5. No infectious diseases or serious diseases.

  6. Must work in the U.S.

Program Benefits


No work experience or investment is required.


The application success rate is high, and the official approval rate is close to 98%.


Eligible spouses and children may be included in the application.


Spouses can choose jobs freely, and children can enjoy high-quality American education.