South Korea Immigrant Investor for Public Business

South Korea Immigrant Investor for Public Business

The South Korea Immigrant Investor Scheme presents a remarkable opportunity for applicants to obtain permanent residency in South Korea by making a 5-year fixed deposit in a state-owned bank. One of its notable advantages is the flexibility it offers, as applicants are only required to visit South Korea once a year during the 5-year period to fulfill the residency requirement. Once permanent residency is granted, the deposited amount can be fully withdrawn without any impact on the applicant’s identity.

The program is also popular as its short processing time. For Globevisa, we have successfully assisted numerous clients, and our fastest approval time up to now for a single applicant stands at an impressive 6 days.

Time to permit

2-3 months

Visa-free travel

189 countries and regions

Passport rank

3rd in the world

Residency requirement

Land in South Korea at least 

once per year during the 5-year period


No taxation

Established time

Program launched in 2013

Application Requirements

For F2/F5 applications:

1. The deposit funds
  • For F2 application requirement: Invest of 1.5 billion KRW
  • For F5 application requirement: Invest of 3 billion KRW
2.  The No Criminal Certificate is required for the applicants aged 14 years old and above to bring with them when go for the fingerprint. (New rules applies since January 9, 2023.)

For Permanent Residence application:

1. Maintain the deposit for a consistent 5 years.

2. Maintain the F2 visa for 5 years, land in South Korea at least once every year, and to renew the F2 visa in the third year.

3. Apply for the F5 visa after 5 years, which equals the permanent residency in South Korea. Land in South Korea every 2 years  to maintain the PR.

Program Benefits

1. Explanation of Source of funds, and residence in  South Korea are not required. 

2. The main applicant can bring his/her spouse, unmarried children (no limitation on the age) and parents.
3.  Safety and flexibility of the investment, as the deposit will be kept under the government bank account, and the funds could be fully withdrawn at any time as per the applicant’s demand.

4.  The deposited amount could be withdrawn after 5 years with no impact on the identity.

5. The ability to apply for F2 visa with a short processing time.

6. Fulfill diversified demands, no matter opening overseas personal account, arranging international transfer, studying abroad or the welfare provided by the government.