Spain Golden Visa
Property Investment

Spain Golden Visa Property Investment

Spain has one of the most habitable countries in terms of climate. It is a member of the European Union and Schengen states. It is one of the countries who has a large economy in the Eurozone.

Spain Golden Visa Program is an investor visa that allows non-EU nationals to obtain a renewable residence permit. Property investment is a comparatively easy investment option to obtain it. The applicant need to visit the country from time to time. The status is effective as long as the property is held.

Time to residency

6-8 months

Visa-free travel

190 countries and regions

Passport rank

3rd in the world

Residency requirement

Enter Spain once within each permit validity


19%-45% in general


Established time

Program launched in 2013

Investment Requirement


To obtain a Golden Visa in Spain, you need to purchase real estate

properties with a value above €500,000.


Scope of Project:

Top affluent area in the north of Madrid.

Prime Educational District with numerous multinational corporations.

Project Benefits:

Cost-effective: Invest 430,000 Euros to acquire a €500,000 residence permit.

Prime Schooling: Located in a district with world top 5 A-level schools and top 25 IB schools.

High Quality: Rare new properties with amenities like a swimming pool, gym, shared office space, security services, and a parking spot.

Project Timeline:

Call for investors: September 2023

Expected Completion date: January 2024

Villa 8 Valdemoro

Scope of Project:

Exceptional Potential for Appreciation.

A Luxurious Living Experience.

Project Benefits:

  1. High Appreciation: Rare newly constructed property in a government-prioritized development area. Increasing demand is driving up property prices.

  2. Ultra Comfortable: 4-bedroom and 3-bathroom layout with a yard. Luxurious fittings, high-end construction materials, top-tier kitchen and bathroom brands, underfloor heating and cooling, energy rating A, efficient and energy-saving.

  3. Complete Amenities: A bilingual school is within a 3-minute walk, and hospitals, dining options, supermarkets, and shopping centers are all within a 5-10 minute drive.

Project Timeline:

Call for investors: Jan. 2023

Expected Completion date: Ready-to-move-in

BV Apartment

Scope of Project:

A real estate investment with massive potential for appreciation and high returns.

Located in the city center residential area with advanced amenities.

Project Benefits:

  1. Higher Rental Returns: A one-time refund of 3 years’ rent amounting to 75,000-80,000 euros. Spend 420,000 euros for a 500,000 euros status.

  2. High Added Value: The developer offers complimentary assistance in applying for a B&B license, adding nearly 100,000 euros above the market price for properties with a license.

  3. Advanced Facilities: Equipped with underfloor heating and cooling, an air heat energy system, and an energy rating of Grade A.

  4. High Convenience: A standard “15-minute urban circle” community. Within a 15-minute walk, you’ll find metro stations, schools, and large shopping malls.

  5. Great Security: Direct transactions with the developer ensure the safety of the purchase funds, and document verification is more lenient.

  6. Prime Location: Located in the city center residential area, only about 4 kilometers from the core tourist attractions in Madrid.

Project Timeline:

Call for investors: Sept. 2023

Expected Completion date: Oct. 2024

Program Benefits

Being able to include unmarried and financially

dependent children.

Eligible for permanent  residency and citizenship.

Enjoy public healthcare and education systems.