VAN NUYS II Residence​

VAN NUYS II Residence​

The Van Nuys II Residence is located in Aharnes, an area in the northern part of Athens that fall under the 250K policy. Abundant greenery blankets this region, with rivers and lakes elegantly interspersed, creating a natural haven of fresh air and tranquility.

It has gained recognition as the Green Oasis of Athens and is often referred to as the suburban sanctuary for affluent residents of Athens.

With relatively affordable housing prices, it offers top-notch facilities and is the preferred choice for living in the current policy, and a reassuring choice after the political transition.

The project is located just across the street from the well-established affluent neighborhood in the northern part, which requires an investment of 500,000 euros to obtain the Greek’s permanent residency.Starting from 2018, there has been a consistent upward trajectory in housing prices within the northern region of Athens, culminating in a notable 10.3% surge from the second quarter of 2022 to the equivalent period in 2023.

Key Facts


Holding period

Hold to renew residence permit


Property type



Total Area

95-107m² (Each level consists of 2 units)


Number of units

9 units



Souliou 135, Acharnes 136 73 Greece