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Malaysia MM2H

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a long-term residence visa program launched by the Malaysian government to encourage foreigners to live in Malaysia. It has the advantages of simple processing conditions, low net cost, simple procedures, deposit status, and fast processing. The number of applicants for this program has been soaring since its first launch, making it one of the most popular programs in the world.

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Time to residency

6-8 months

Residency requirement

At least 1 year in the state where the applicant is nominated

Visa-free travel

179 countries and regions


Depends on specific case

Passport rank

13th in the world

Established time

Program launched in 2002

Investment and Business Requirements:

To obtain an 188A visa, you need to meet the following investment requirements:


1. Personal and family assets under the couple shall not be less than AUD 1.25 million.

2. In two of the past four fiscal years, the annual turnover of the company has not been less than AUD 750,000. 

3. In two of the past four fiscal years, the couple have owned no less than 30% of the company, or not less than 10% if it is a listed company. 

4. Scoring 65 and higher in SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) System. 

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Application Requirements

To apply for MM2H, you need to fulfill following requirements:

1. The principal applicant is at least 35 years old.

2. The principal applicant and accompanying family members (spouse, children over 18 years old) have to provide proof of no criminal conviction.

3. The principal applicant has to provide proof of assets of RM 1.5 million (liquid assets with little or no value fluctuation is favorable, such as saving deposits and cash balances in the bank; other assets like stocks, fund or insurance with cash value could be account for no more than 30% in total asset value).

4. The principal applicant should provide payroll statements for the last 3 months prior to submission, with at least RM 40,000 per month as salary income.

5. After approval, principal applicants aged 50 years old or above are required to make a fixed deposit of RM 1 million in a local Malaysian bank. For applicants under 50 years old, in addition to the RM 1 million deposit, an additional of RM 50,000 is required for each additional accompanying family member.

6. All applicants' passports should be valid for at least 24 months at the time of application.

Program Benefits

1. The principal applicants can bring along his parents, spouse and children in one MM2H application.

2. Indefinite stay in Malaysia with multiple entries.

3. Enjoy world-class medical care in Malaysia in an affordable way.

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